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CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA) opens on December 1st

November 15, 2017

The CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA) opens on December 1st.  Your application and all supporting electronic documentation (including letter(s) of recommendation) must be submitted by March 1st to be considered for scholarships.   The CSUSA is available at   Please complete the General and Conditional Applications to be considered for university, college, and department scholarships.  We […]

Nobel Laureate Albert Fert to speak at CSU

October 25, 2017

Nobel Laureate and influential scientist Albert Fert will deliver a free public lecture at Colorado State University, 7 p.m. Nov. 13 in the Lory Student Center Grand Ballroom. Fert’s work in condensed matter physics underlies the technology that enabled the creation of the modern hard drive. He is in part to thank for the ability to store immense […]

Spotlight on the CSU QuarkNet Center

October 10, 2017

This center–located along the Colorado Front Range in Fort Collins–just completed its sixth year as a QuuarkNet center. Led by teachers Cherie Bornhorst, Zach Armstrong, and Adam Pearlstein, along with mentor Bob Wilson, this summer’s workshop came in two parts: a two-day CMS e-Lab workshop in which teachers explored the new CMS e-Lab, and a […]

Department Students Win Awards at Front Range Conference

September 27, 2017

Two graduate students from the CSU Department of Physics, Logan Sutton (advisor Jose de la Venta) and Grant Riley (advisor Kristen Buchanan) won poster awards at the 2017 Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium (FRAMS) that was held at Denver University on Aug. 29, 2017. Logan presented his work on the “Magnetic properties of vanadium oxide/ferromagnetic […]

CSU Grad Student Wins Poster Award at ORNL

August 17, 2017

Congratulations to Gavin Hester, one of six poster prize winners at the Joint Nanoscience and Neutron Scattering User Meeting at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, CSU Science Rises to the Top

July 19, 2017

CSU scientists are working on an international neutrino science collaboration, DUNE, that will send neutrino beams from Fermilab to the Sanford Underground Research Facility, an 800 mile feat. What’s being billed as a new era in physics starts with two shovelfuls of dirt ­– one in Illinois, the other in South Dakota. On July 21, scientists, […]

CSU Neutrino Groups’ Results are Editors’ Suggestion in Physical Review Letters

May 1, 2017

The CSU NOvA and T2K groups led by Profs. Norm Buchanan and Walter Toki, respectively, have published their latest results in Physical Review Letters ( Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 151802 (2017), Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 151801 (2017) ). The NOvA paper describes the non-maximal mixing result that is in tension with other neutrino experiments, while […]

CSU Astronomy Club Visits Estes Observatory

April 28, 2017

On Saturday, April 15 the CSU Astronomy Club visited the Estes Park Memorial Observatory. Mike Connolly was a great host to the group. Despite the patch clouds, they were able to enjoy the views of Orion’s Nebula (M42), Jupter and Castor A and B. Thank you to Norm Revere for the amazing photographs!

Prof. Kate Ross’ Publication Makes “Editors’ Suggestion to Read” Section in the Journal of Physics Review B

April 26, 2017

In a new paper by Ross et al, which appeared in Physical Review B this month as an Editor’s Suggestion, the magnetically frustrated pyrochlore materials NaCaCo2F7 and NaSrCo2F7 are shown to host anisotropic spins that are the most “quantum” they can be (spin 1/2).  This allows the materials to be treated within a well-known framework […]

Prof. Walter Toki Awarded CSU Scholarship Impact Award

April 24, 2017

Prof. Walter Toki has received the CSU Scholarship Impact Award, which is one of the most prestigious honors awarded to faculty.  The award recognizes outstanding scholars on our campus and is one of Colorado State University’s highest awards and one of the top annual honors for accomplishment in research. This award recognizes one top faculty […]

Physics Graduate Student Chris Hilgenberg Receives Award to Support Research at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

April 5, 2017

Department of Physics graduate student Chris Hilgenberg has received $14,000 from the Universities Research Association Visiting Scholars Award to support his research at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).  His successful proposal was entitled: “Testing, Installation, Integration and Performance Studies of a Cosmic Ray Tagging System for the Short Baseline Neutrino Program Far Detector (ICARUS).” He […]

LSOP’s Adam Pearlstein Recieves AP Star Award

Adam Pearlstein, assistant director of the Little Shop of Physics, was recently recognized with an AP Star Award at the year Administrative Professional Council luncheon. Adam was one of 6 people so honored out of a large pool of nominees in Departments across campus. The award committee was particularly impressed with Adam’s willingness to go […]

26th Annual Little Shop of Physics Open House was the Biggest One Yet!

March 8, 2017

The 26th Annual Little Shop of Physics Open House was our biggest event yet! An estimated 8,500 people of all ages came to the Colorado State University Lory Student Center to spend their Saturday doing science. The event featured the 300+ science experiments which make up the Little Shop of Physics Hands-On Science Experience, as […]

nEXO Postdoctoral Position Open

January 23, 2017

The Department of Physics maintains a tradition of excellence in research and in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Department Postdoctoral Scholars participate in research on three continents with programs in many of the most active and exciting areas of physics. This positions involves expertise in both the High Energy Physics and Particle […]

Prof. Dylan Yost Receives CAREER Award

January 18, 2017

Dylan Yost has received the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award to investigate laser cooling of atomic hydrogen. This award is given in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars and is meant to integrate education and research. 

Little Shop Visits Todos Santos!

In January, 2017, the Little Shop of Physics team took 8 trunks with 60+ hands-on science experiment stations to Todos Santos, Mexico, where they shared their unique brand of hands-on science with over 1,000 students in Todos Santos and Pescadero. This way of doing science—stressing inquiry, engagement, curiosity—was a real hit with the students and […]

2016 PRSE “Center for Advanced Magnetics” Workshop

December 29, 2016

The CSU PRSE Center for Advanced Magnetics organized a workshop on December 20, 2016.  The workshop was held in Hammond Auditorium in Engineering Building, and about 35 people from Physics Department and Chemistry Department participated.  The workshop was kicked off by brief remarks by Associate Dean for Research Dr. James Sites and Physics Department Chair […]

International neutrino experiment hands CSU the remote

The Physics Building hallways were quiet the afternoon of Dec. 19 ­– but not for graduate student Paul Rojas. Holed up in a first-floor room with 12 flashing computer screens, Rojas spent most of that week keeping watch over an international, multi-hundred million dollar physics experiment that, once complete, could turn decades of physics on […]

Remebering Physics Professor Phil Kearney

December 19, 2016

It is with sadness that we have learned that Phil Kearney passed away on December 16, 2016.  He is warmly remembered in the department, and we express our sincere condolences to his family and friends.  Those wishing to leave their own condolences and share memories are invited to do so.  His obituary is available here. […]

Congratulations Fall 2016 Graduates!

Undergraduate students pose with faculty before walking at Moby Arena.

CSU students awarded “Outstanding Student Presentation Award” at APS meeting

December 9, 2016

(Left to right: Chris Hilgenberg, Jon Gilbert, Tyler Dodge) There were 20 outstanding student presentation awards given at the 2016 Joint Meeting of the Four Corners and Texas Sections of the American Physical Society in Las Cruces, NM.  This represents 10% of the student presentations.  CSU had eight students giving talks and posters, and three […]

Prof. Kate Ross Awarded the American Physical Society’s 2016 Valley Prize

October 14, 2016

Kate Ross was awarded the American Physical Society’s 2016 Valley Prize ” “for the elucidation of quantum frustrated magnetism and its expression in the ground state selection of pyrochlore magnets.”   The biennial prize recognizes “one individual in the early stages of his or her career for an outstanding scientific contribution to physics that is deemed to have […]

Photo of Norm Buchanan

Prof. Norm Buchanan Awarded $514,000 for Continued Development of Photon Detection System for DUNE

October 10, 2016

Prof. Norm Buchanan has been awarded $514k for the next year to continue development of the photon detection system for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). Buchanan’s group is responsible for the engineering as well as quality assurance and quality control of the photon detection system. Senior engineer David Warner is the system engineer and […]

Bob Wilson

Physics Professor Elected Chair of the DUNE Collaboration

October 5, 2016

Professor Bob Wilson has been elected chair of the Institutional Board that oversees the 897-member Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) collaboration with scientists and engineers from 154 institutions in 29 countries.  He will also be a member of the Executive Committee, which is responsible for setting scientific and technical objectives and priorities of the DUNE […]

Water sculpture on the Engineering Building plaza

Computational Materials Assistant Professor Position

September 13, 2016

The Department of Physics at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, seeks to hire a tenure-track faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor with research interests in Computational Materials Physics. Exceptional candidates from this area are encouraged to apply. Please click here for details.

Making the switch, this time with an insulator

September 7, 2016

Publishing Sept. 1 in Nature Communications, CSU physicists demonstrated for the first time the use of spin-orbit torque to assist magnetization switching in magnetic insulators.  The work was led by Mingzhong Wu, with first author Peng Li, a former postdoctoral researcher now at Seagate, and second author Tao Liu, a current postdoc at CSU. It […]

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HEP Assistant Professor Position

September 2, 2016

The Department of Physics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, seeks to hire a tenure-track faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor with research interests in experimental high-energy physics. Exceptional candidates from all areas of high-energy physics are encouraged to apply. Please click here for details.

President Tony Frank elected to Universities Research Association Board of Trustees

August 26, 2016

Tony Frank, president of Colorado State University and chancellor of the CSU System, has been elected to the Universities Research Association (URA) Board of Trustees, representing Region 2 among the coalition of top U.S. and international research universities. The Universities Research Association is a consortium of 89 leading research institutions, located primarily in the United States, […]

CSU Neutrino Research Highlighted in Source

August 8, 2016

Prof. Walter Toki and Prof. Norm Buchanan are working on competing neutrinos, T2K and NOVA, respectively. New results from these experiments have been highlighted in recent headlines in a CSU Source publication. Check it out!  

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Open Position: Physics Design and Technical Support

August 3, 2016

The position requires an engineer or physicist with demonstrated technical abilities in mechanical design, implementation and testing. The individual would be working closely on the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) providing engineering, design development and project management support for the photon detector system. They will also be an integral part of the design and fabrication […]

CSU Physics professor Roger Culver helps create “Light at Night Index”

June 22, 2016

Roger Culver, professor of physics and longtime astronomy instructor at CSU, with Eric Craine of Tucson’s STEM Laboratory Inc., and Brian Craine of Western Research Co., have created a first-of-its-kind index that ranks communities according to their observed lighting efficiency, which affects the quality of their dark skies. A paper describing their work is titled […]

Congratulations to the ICMM best poster award recipenints

June 20, 2016

Two graduate students from the Department of Physics, Tao Liu and JinJun Ding, have been awarded the 5th International Conference on Microwave Magnetics (ICMM) Best Poster Award (2016).

Physics grad student to attend the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

June 13, 2016

Zak Burkley, CSU Physics graduate student, has been selected to attend the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, held in Lindau, Germany.   This prestigious event offers a forum where young scientists can meet and exchange ideas with Nobel Laureates in Physics.  Thirty Nobel Laureates are expected to participate along with 402 young scientists selected in through a […]

Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Graduates

May 17, 2016

Students and faculty proudly pose for a few photos before the spring 2016 graduation ceremony at Moby arena. May 13th, 2016.            

Photo overseeing Fort Collins

DUNE Photon Detection Workshop

April 27, 2016

High Energy Physics will be holding a DUNE photon detection workshop at CSU on May 17th and 18th, 2016. The meeting will take place over one and a half days with the first day (Tuesday) dedicated to meetings pertaining to PD planning and the 1/2 day dedicated to discussion of getting new groups up and […]

The light stuff: A brand-new way to produce electron spin currents

April 26, 2016

With apologies to Isaac Asimov, the most exciting phase to hear in science isn’t “Eureka,” but “That’s funny…” A “that’s funny” moment in a Colorado State University physics lab has led to a fundamental discovery that could play a key role in next-generation microelectronics

Congratulations to the CNS Deans Recognition Award Winners!

April 4, 2016

Congratulations to Heather Michalak (Little Shop of Physics) and Bob Adame (Physics Machine Shop)! They are recipients of the Deans Recognition Award for the College of Natural Sciences.

Roger Culver

Astronomy Prof. Roger Culver retiring after 50 years at CSU

February 24, 2016

When Roger Culver arrived on campus in 1966, Colorado State University had an enrollment of 8,000, Prospect Road marked Fort Collins’ southernmost edge and the football team was playing games on Jack Christensen Field. A half-century after being recruited to develop astronomy courses, Culver, who is known around campus for always wearing socks that exactly match […]

A quick look at what’s been going on in the Little Shop of Physics!

February 19, 2016

Check out what Little Shop of Physics and Brian Jones have been up to for the last year. Everything from meetings, funding, baseball, workshops, Africa and more! January, 2016 Brian Jones was awarded a $7,200 grant from TILT to develop models for facilitating small-group work in large lecture classes. The support will be used to […]

CSU Physics Distinguished as SPS Chapter for 2014-2015

February 16, 2016

Physics Faculty Celebrate Phi Beta Kappa Society’s 239th Anniversary

December 10, 2015

The CSU Physics Department Faculty who are members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, shared a photo in celebration of the 239th anniversary of the founding of the Society on December 5, 1776. The Physics Faculty include 7 Physics Professors; Lundeen, Gelfand, Eykholt, Lee, Roberts, Fairbank and Toki. The Phi Beta Kappa Society is a […]

Neutrino Oscillations; Winners of the Nobel and the Breakthrough Prizes in Physics

November 23, 2015

SPECIAL PUBLIC LECTURE*   Neutrino Oscillations; Winners of the Nobel and the Breakthrough Prizes in Physics     Speaker: Walter Toki Physics Department, Colorado State University   Colorado State University 7:30 PM, Thursday; December 3, 2015 Location: Plant Sciences C101     Abstract   The discoveries of neutrino oscillations have been awarded the 2015 Nobel […]

CSU Department of Physics Researchers Share in 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

November 10, 2015

Winners of the 2016 Breakthrough Prize at the Mountain View, CA, ceremonies.   Members of the CSU team (E. Reinherz-Aronis, A. Clifton, D. Cherdack, P. Rojas, N. Buchanan, B. Berger, W. Toki, R. Wilson) who received the Breakthrough Award for their research in the T2K Experiment. The T2K collaboration has received the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in […]

Nobel Laureate, Dr. John Hall, with CSU Physics undergrads and graduate students

October 29, 2015

  Nobel Laureate, Dr. John Hall, with CSU Physics undergrads and graduate students at the October 26, 2015, evening  lecture on “Time, Light and Einstein’s Relativity”, on the Colorado State University campus.

Congratulations to the APS Four Corners Section Winners!

October 20, 2015

CSU Winners at the Annual Meeting of the APS Four Corners Section, October 16–17, 2015, at Tempe, Arizona. Graduate student Alex Rockwood (APS talk), Prof. Siu Au Lee (incoming APS Chair), and undergrad Jake Glasby (APS poster)

Dr. John Lewis Hall Nobel Laureate Lecture

October 15, 2015

“Light, Time, and Einstein’s Relativity” Special Public Nobel Laureate Lecture given by Dr. John Lewis Hall JILA, University of Colorado and NIST. This will be held in the Behavioral Sciences Building, room 101 at 7:30pm on October 26, 2015. A reception will follow.

Manitoba Trilogy of Spin Rectification vs Spin Pumping Seminar

October 9, 2015

You are welcome to attend a physics seminar in Physics Conference Room at 9:00 am on Tuesday (Oct 13).   Title: Manitoba Trilogy of Spin Rectification vs Spin Pumping   Speaker: Professor Can-Ming Hu, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada   Abstract:  The art of experimental Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) research is to perform well conceived […]

Bob Wilson

Professor Bob Wilson Appointed to Sanford Underground

September 30, 2015

Prof. Bob Wilson has been appointed to serve on an advisory board to the new Sanford Underground Research Facility near Lead, South Dakota.  This facility will house numerous experiments, including most prominently a world-class neutrino detector deep underground.  By serving on the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, Prof. Wilson will have an opportunity to […]

Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium

Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium

September 21, 2015

Mark Bradley

Professor Mark Bradley has been appointed as an Editor for Nanophysics for the journal Open Physics

August 19, 2015

Professor Mark Bradley has been appointed as an Editor for Nanophysics for the journal Open Physics.  Open Physics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to the rapid publication of fundamental research results in all fields of physics.

Grant Riley

Ph.D. Candidate, Grant Riley Awarded Gold Medal Prize for Poster at IEEE Magnetics Society School

July 10, 2015

Ph.D. Candidate, Grant Riley, won the gold medal prize for his poster presentation at the IEEE Magnetics Society summer school. The summer school was held from June 14-19, 2015 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. There were approximately 100 attendees from all over the world. His poster was entitled “Brillion light scattering measurements of […]

Mark Bradley and Carmen Menoni awarded three-year $500,000 grant from NSF

June 15, 2015

Carmen Menoni (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Mark Bradley (Physics) have been awarded a three-year, $500,000 grant by the National Science Foundation.  “Ion sculpting”, i.e., bombarding a solid with a broad ion beam, can produce a remarkable variety of self-assembled nanoscale patterns on a surface. This project combines experiments and theoretical investigations with the goal […]

Erin Conley Awarded Jack and June Richardson Scholarship

June 2, 2015

Physics major Erin Conley has been awarded a Jack and June Richardson scholarship. The prestigious Richard scholarships recognize students with the potential for a significant future contribution and strong relationships with faculty mentors – specifically they are “to provide scholarship assistance to two or more of the very best full-time undergraduate students who are in the University […]

Physics Building

Special Summer Colloquia

May 26, 2015

Towards an improved measurement of the 2S-4P Transition in atomic hydrogen 4:00 PM, Monday; June 1, 2015 Refreshments at 3:45 PM 120 Engineering (Hammond Auditorium) Lother Maisenbacher Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

Congratulations Physics Class of 2015!

Graduating Class of Spring 2015    

Evan Giacchino Awarded College Honors at CURC 2015

April 29, 2015

Evan Giacchino was awarded College Honors at CURC 2015 for his poster entitled “Experimental Effects of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction on Magnetic Domains”. Evan has been working with Prof Kristen Buchanan’s group on the challenging task of preparing lithographically-patterned magnetic/non-magnetic bilayer nanostructures on special substrates that have a 0.5-mm wide window that is only 50 nm thick. […]

Physics Building

Chair of the Department of Physics Position

April 13, 2015

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Department Chair serves as chief administrative officer of the department and is appointed by the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences. With the aid of appropriate departmental committees, the Chair institutes recommendations for appointments, promotion, contract renewal, tenure, salary increases, and dismissals; manages the departmental budget; and is the direct liaison between […]

Members of Physics Department Join ATRAP experiment

April 9, 2015

Siu Au Lee and Dylan Yost have begun a collaboration with the ATRAP experiment taking place at CERN– The European Organization for Nuclear Research located in Geneva, Switzerland. The goals of ATRAP are to trap and probe antihydrogen atoms with the techniques of laser spectroscopy. An antihydrogen atom is composed of a positron (antielectron) and […]

Majorana fermions

Information Presentation and Discussion on Majorana Fermions

April 6, 2015

The Department of Physics is having an information presentation and discussion on Majorana Fermions in particle physics and condensed matter. The CSU physics community and interested CSU students and faculty are welcome to attend and participate. This will be held on Friday, April 10 from 1:00-3:00PM, Room 008 Statistics Building. Theory of Majorana neutrinos; Dr. […]

CSU Physics Alum Dr. Jennifer Burris is Selected for “Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching”

March 23, 2015

CSU alumni Dr. Jennifer Burris has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the “Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching” in recognition for her significant contributions to the instructional mission of Appalachian State University and the UNC System. Dr. Burris received both her Masters (1998) and PhD (2003) from CSU with Emeritus Faculty Dr. Hochheimer.

Particle Physics and Accelerator Work Gain CSU Entry into National Association

March 11, 2015

Colorado State University is the latest research institution to be admitted to the Universities Research Association, one of the entities that helps manage the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. CSU was elected in February by the association’s Council of Presidents. The URA, in conjunction with the University of Chicago, forms the Fermi Research Alliance, which manages […]

NOvA near detector.

CSU Joins the NOvA Collaboration

February 18, 2015

In February, 2015 CSU was admitted into the NOvA Collaboration. Prof. Norm Buchanan, along with postdoctoral fellow Shih-Kai Lin, and graduate student Matt Judah are now members of the Fermilab-based long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. The NOvA experiment is Fermilab’s current flagship neutrino oscillation experiment utilizing an intense beam of muon-neutrinos produced at Fermilab. The neutrinos […]

Mark Bradley

Solving a Problem at the Nanoscale Online

February 4, 2015

From cancer therapy to mass storage devices, science is coming up with tiny structures that will play a big role in the future. Mark Bradley, physics professor at the Colorado State University, studies these structures and focuses on patterns at the nanoscale in particular.

Physics Building

Spring 2015 free Physics Department tutoring

January 27, 2015

See the attached schedule for free Physics tutoring offered by the department for the Spring 2015 semester. Tutoring on Monday nights from 4-4:50 and 6-6:50 is now available.

Physics Building

CSU Physics Colloquium: Bill Fairbank

January 21, 2015

Finding one atom in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000: The search for Majorana neutrinos with EXO-200 and nEXO

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Fall 2014 Newsletter

October 20, 2014

Dear Friends of CSU Physics, It has been an eventful spring and summer for the physics department. We are very happy to have Dylan Yost joining the faculty as an assistant professor; Dylan will start in January 2015. […]

Physics Building

Undergraduate Research Night

October 17, 2014

Join the Physics department for Undergraduate Research Night – an opportunity for undergraduate Physics majors to learn about getting involved with department research projects!

Light collector prototype

2014 Nobel Physics Prize awarded to inventors of blue LED

October 8, 2014

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 was awarded jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura “for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources”.

Physics Building

“Career in Physics” Panel Night

September 15, 2014

Join the Women in Physics for a free, informal, panel style, Q&A session with local professionals. Learn about different careers in industry that are available to Physics majors, as well as tips on how to approach job searching and marketing yourself as an employable Physics major.

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Fall 2015 free Physics Department tutoring

September 9, 2014

High Energy Physics Postdoctoral Position

June 17, 2014

High Energy Physics Postdoctoral Position Colorado State University Department of Physics Advertisement The Department of Physics High-Energy Physics group seeks applicants from individuals who are interested in obtaining postdoctoral research experience in the area of experimental high energy physics to participate in neutrino physics research. The position will involve research on both the LBNE and […]

Image of data collected from the CMS particle detector

Investigating the cosmos at CSU

May 7, 2014

In the first nanoseconds of existence, the universe exploded to the size of a grapefruit and after the initial blast, the rate of expansion slowed, reported the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in March 2014.

Facebook Logo

Now on Facebook!

May 1, 2014

The Department of Physics has its very own Facebook page! To stay current with all things physics, be sure to like us on Facebook!

Photo of students participating in the Weather and Science Day

Two Events, Three Days, Thousands of Students

First, the team set a Guinness World Record for the largest physics lesson at the fifth annual Weather and Science Day at Coors Field on Wednesday. Two days later, Little Shop staff travel to Washington D.C. where they will perform hands-on physics lessons with adults and children April 26-27 at the USA Science & Engineering […]

Photo of Colton Fruhling

Physics Undergraduate Receives Honors at CURC

April 21, 2014

Colton Fruhling won one of the “highest honors” awards at the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity event on April 15. His posters was entitled “Apparatus for the Study of Magnetic Materials in the Presence of an Out-of-Plane Field with Optical Access”. Colton has been working with Dr. Kristen Buchanan’s research group for the past year […]

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Fall 2013 Newsletter

January 21, 2014

Dear Friends of CSU Physics, Winter greetings to all! We have a lot of good news from the CSU Physics Department, and I am excited to share it in our first newsletter in the new format. The Department had a strong showing at the APS Four Corners sectional meeting at the University of Denver in […]

Several CSU Recipients of Student Presentation Awards at APS Four-Corners Section Meeting

October 22, 2013

Several members of the department attended the American Physical Society (APS) Four-Corners Section Meeting October 18th and 19th at the University of Denver. The meeting brings physicists together from across the four corner region and provides and excellent venue for young scientists to present their work. In addition to student and postdoc contributed talks, invited […]

Graphic of an Atom

Physics Faculty Position in Experimental Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

September 30, 2013

PHYSICS FACULTY POSITION IN EXPERIMENTAL ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, AND OPTICAL PHYSICS Department of Physics Colorado State University JOB DESCRIPTION The Department of Physics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, seeks to hire a tenure-track faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor with research interests in experimental atomic, molecular, and optical physics. Exceptional candidates from all […]

Mark Bradley

Research Profile: Prof. Mark Bradley

July 24, 2013

Professors Mark Bradley and Patrick Shipman (CSU Math) have received word that their joint research on ion-induced pattern formation will be supported by a three-year, $280,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. When an energetic ion strikes a solid surface, one or more atoms can be ejected from the solid. Bombarding a flat solid surface […]

Little Shop of Physics at Weather and Science Day – Rockies Game

May 1, 2013

The Little Shop of Physics (LSOP), along with meteorologists from 9News, entertained and educated 10,000 elementary school children from the Denver metro area at the Colorado Rockies’ annual Weather & Science Day on April 24. Brian Jones, the LSOP director, was joined by College of Natural Sciences Dean Jan Nerger, Department of Physics Chair John […]

APS April Meeting

Strong showing by physics department at APS April meeting

April 25, 2013

The APS April meeting was held in Denver this year. This annual meeting focuses on particle physics, nuclear physics, and astrophysics and involves physicists from across the country and beyond. The meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel Denver from April 13th to 16th ( Several members from the department attended the meeting, in whole […]

Prof. Siu Au Lee

CSU Physics Prof. Siu Au Lee serving as NSF program manager.

March 3, 2013

Professor Siu Au Lee, a Professor of Physics at Colorado State University, headed out to the National Science Foundation this fall to serve as a Program Manager for the NSF Division of Physics. Prof. Lee will split her time between the National Science Foundation office in Washington DC and CSU where she maintains an active […]

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CSU physics professor selected to lead an international collaboration of scientists and engineers

December 7, 2012

CSU professor of physics Robert J. Wilson was recently selected to co-lead the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration for a 2-year term. He will join Dr. Milind Diwan of Brookhaven National Laboratory as co-spokesperson of the international collaboration of 340 scientists and engineers from 62 institutions (including five US national laboratories) in five countries. […]

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Materials Physics Faculty Position

September 12, 2012

The Department of Physics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, seeks to hire a tenure-track faculty member with research interests in materials physics.  Exceptional candidates from all areas of materials physics/condensed matter physics are encouraged to apply.  Colorado State University is a land-grant institution with a strong commitment to research that impacts society and addresses […]

Photo of Kristen Buchanan

Kristen Buchanan Awarded DOE Early Career Award

August 27, 2012

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Kristen Buchanan, an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, a five-year, $762,000 Early Career Award to study spin waves in nanoscale magnetic materials. Kristen is one of only 68 scientists nation-wide to receive this award in 2012 and she is the only recipient at Colorado State University […]

HEPPA: Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence

August 25, 2012

The CSU High-Energy Physics and Particle Astrophysics (HEPPA) program has been recognized as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence by Colorado State University. From the CSU VPR office: “The Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence at Colorado State University were initiated in 1991. Programs are awarded this designation because they have achieved great distinction […]

Photo of Brian Jones

Brian Jones Awarded 2011 Robert A. Millikan Medal

Brian Jones, director of the Little Shop of Physics, coordinator of undergraduate laboratories and Instructor in our department, received the Robert A. Millikan medal of the American Association of Physics Teachers at this summer’s AAPT meeting. This prestigious award recognizes individuals who have made notable and creative contributions to the teaching of physics. Congratulations!

Walter Toki awarded fellowship for his research in Japan

July 25, 2012

Prof. Walter Toki received a prestigious 2012 invitational fellowship for research in Japan from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).. The JSPS is an agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture that supports research in all fields of the natural and social sciences and the humanities. Prof. Toki’s long […]