CSU’s Graduate School commencement was held December 20, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.

Pictured below are Jon Gilbert and John Guthrie (adviser: Jacob Roberts),  Matt Judah (adviser: Norm Buchanan), and  and Matt Hogan (advisers: Walter Toki and Bob Wilson).

We would like to recognize all graduate students for their achievements this semester:
PhD’s earned

  • Adam Craycraft
  • Matt Judah
  • Matt Hogan
  • Josh Lauzier
  • Jon Gilbert

PhD Prelims completed

  • Connor Johnson
  • Pascal Jundt
  • Danielle Yahne
  • Gavin Hester
  • Alec Iverson
  • Colin Sarkis
  • James Todd

Master’s earned

  • Aidan Winblad
  • Christopher Ard
  • Ryan LaZur
  • Justin Mueller
  • Carla Quispe-Flores

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