Dr. Emily Hardegree-Ullman
Dr. Emily Hardegree-Ullman is a professor in the Physics Department at Colorado State University. She earned her PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she studied the chemical composition of young stellar systems. Emily discovered the fascinating subject of astrobiology while an undergraduate at the University of Arizona. Her prior research projects include searching for methane lakes on Titan, investigating the evolution of protoplanetary disks, and observing extrasolar planet transits.
Heather Michalak
Heather Michalak has her B.S. in Physics from Colorado State University. Her interest in astronomy was first sparked by her uncle who showed her Halley’s comet through his telescope. This was the first of many astronomical events which demonstrated the wonder of sharing science through astronomy. Heather feels passionate about sharing sky lore she learned from around this wonderful planet we call home.
Ryan Latta
Ryan Latta is currently in his third year studying Soil & Crop Sciences, Information Technology, and Agricultural Literacy here at CSU. He always grew up around some sort of telescope, but truly became interested in the historical influence and mythology of astronomy through several different book series. When he’s not pointing out the planets visible in the night sky, he’s most likely learning and teaching about agriculture.
Josefina Belay
My name is Josefina Belay. I am in my third year at Colorado State University studying for my bachelor’s in Engineering Science, concentration in Space Engineering. Astronomy has been a hobby of mine for five years now, beginning with a research position at University of Oregon’s observatory. Although, the CSU observatory is my favorite observatory. I enjoy napping, mathematics, being a community member, and plants. Come visit our observatory to learn more about stars, planets, nebulae, and telescopes!
Damian Rupp
Damian Rupp is a Physics major at Colorado State University.  He is an intern for the Little Shop of Physics. Damian is also a lab assistant in the introductory physics laboratories at the university.
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