ICARUS collaboration at Fermilab

The Department of Physics at Colorado State University is home to 22 faculty members who maintain research programs in Atomic and Molecular Optics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, High-Energy Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics, and Theoretical Physics. The CSU Physics Department’s strength is the friendly and individualized relationship between students and faculty.

Graduate students in the department will take part in research programs and with teaching in the undergraduate laboratories.  As part of their research, students will take significant and leading roles in some of the most exciting areas of physics. Incoming students may enter the program interested in several fields and explore the different experimental and theoretical possibilities within the department before deciding their own research path.

The application deadline for full consideration for Fall admissions is January 15th. Applications received after the deadline will be considered as they come in until all positions are filled.

We strive to minimize the financial costs of applying. Please note:

  • You pay no admissions fee unless you are accepted.
  • Official transcripts and official test scores are only required upon admission.
  • GRE requirement will be waived for Fall 2024 applications, however, we will still accept scores if students want to submit them to their application

Contact our Graduate Student Coordinator at: Physics_Grad_Admissions@mail.colostate.edu or (970) 491-6207.


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