Information for Visitors to the Department


If you are interested in visiting the Department, the following information will help smooth your trip.

If you will be arriving from Denver International Airport, directions are available. You can visit the Denver International Airport website for airline and car rental information.

Once you are close to Fort Collins, see the Fort Collins/CSU map showing the location of the Physics Department which is located in the Engineering Building (not the Scott Bioengineering Building).

Provided here is a map of all university parking lots. For easiest access to the Physics Department please park in an “A” parking spot within lot 310 (North of the Engineering building) which is located South of Laurel Street on Meldrum Street. This is permitted parking so be sure to obtain a parking pass from the front office to avoid a ticket.

The Physics office is located on the first floor of the Engineering Building at the southeast end, in room 124 which is right next to the Foucault pendulum.

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