The CSU Physics Department strives to educate incoming generations in the most fundamental science, for the sake of knowledge and a better world. Contact our Key Advisor, Dr. Marty Gelfand, with any questions about our undergraduate program.

For registration issues or override requests, please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator, Raina Doyle, at Please include your name, CSU ID, course information and registration issue (if applicable) in your email communication.

The Physics major begins with an emphasis on fundamentals in the basic sciences and mathematics to provide students with a broad foundation. Subsequent course work is designed to develop analytical and experimental abilities that allow students to solve problems involving the technical applications of physics.

The curriculum includes courses on classical mechanics, modern physics, quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics. The university core curriculum and the opportunity to take many electives rounds out the major and provides educational breadth. Participation in undergraduate research is strongly encouraged since it enhances practical training and expands employment opportunities, as well as being expected of anyone applying to research-based graduate programs.