The main office for the Department of Physics (Engineering 124) will be under construction May 15-June 2nd. Phone lines will be disconnected during this time. To reach us remotely please email: Thank you for patience during this time.

Welcome to the Department of Physics at Colorado State University! Physics, the most fundamental of sciences, is the study of motion, matter and energy at scales ranging from the cosmological to subatomic. At CSU, you will receive a practical, hands-on, and individualized education at a leading research institution.

Department Highlights

CSU students attended the SPS Physics Congress

The Little Shop of Physics was invited to do a hands-on science workshop with hundreds of Physics faculty members and undergraduates from around the country at the Society of Physics Students Physics

Celebration of Faculty and Staff Milestones

Every year, Colorado State University celebrates employees achieving a decade of service of more. Congratulations to all who have reached a Milestone year of service this academic year, and thank you for

Spotlight on Colorado State University QuarkNet Center

CSU was featured in the Quarknet Friday flyer! Below is an excerpt from the event: The CSU crew was able to meet once again in-person for their 2021 workshop after meeting virtually

Mingzhong Wu elected fellow of the American Physical Society

The American Physical Society has elected the Society’s 2021 Fellows including Mingzhong Wu. The APS Fellowship Program recognizes members who have made exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise in physics research, important


From spintronics to multipoletronics: How CSU research could allow for big developments in data processing

A CSU professor’s research into using an electron’s spin to carry data could help future researchers develop some big advancements when it comes to data processing speed.

CSU physicists make a precise measurement that bolsters longstanding quantum theory

Using lasers, supercooled hydrogen and radio frequency electromagnetic waves, the researchers characterized the magnetic interaction between the proton and electron in a hydrogen atom.

Collaboration and connection: Building a community in physics

Student groups are a popular way to get involved in university life and meet people with shared interests and experiences. Student groups like Women in Physics are great places to build community and collaboration amongst peers.

Little Shop of Physics announces a new director – Heather Michalak

The well-known Little Shop of Physics tye-dyed shirt is being handed off to the next director of this influential outreach program – Heather Michalak.



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