The travel form should be completed and emailed to the PI and the Physics travel email: at least 2 weeks prior to the trip start date. This should be done before or shortly after booking airfare with a state-approved travel agent.

Travelers must provide receipts for all expenses, except per diem (meals), in order to be reimbursed.

In-State Travel

If the travel is within Colorado, you do not have to fill out the form before your trip, unless you are requesting a travel advance. Please complete the travel form once the trip concludes.

Domestic Travel

You will use the same form for your pre- and post-trip. When you fill out the form before your trip, you are providing an estimate; when you fill the form out after your trip, you will adjust the amounts based on the actual receipts, expenses, and per diem you are claiming.

International Travel

There is an international tab you must fill out with the travel form. This is the second tab in the travel form document, and you are required to fill this out before you take your trip.

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