While the coronavirus doesn’t take a break and we need to continue to be vigilant, we want to give a collective thanks to all of the students for following public health guidance, including wearing masks on campus, physically distancing, avoiding large gatherings, staying home if you feel ill, and washing hands regularly.

Welcome to the current and admitted graduate student resource page. If you have questions about the program or about your career, please contact either one of the members of the graduate advising committee, Kristen Buchanan, Bill Fairbank, Bob Wilson, or your major thesis adviser.

Kristin McLaughlin is the graduate student coordinator in the Physics office, please contact her with any questions about the program: forms, deadlines, payroll, etc. Her email is kristin.mclaughlin@colostate.edu and her phone number is (970) 491-6207.

The Department of Physics maintains an office reservation system and a reservation system for undergrad study spaces in order to ensure social distancing.

Click here for office reservations.

Click here for undergrad study spaces.


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