On-campus Letters

On-campus Letters should have the recipient’s name, department name, and campus delivery code (no postage is necessary for on-campus mail delivery). Campus delivery codes can be found here: http://cr.colostate.edu/campus-delivery-codes.html

Off-campus Letters - With Postage

Off-campus Letters – with postage can be placed in the outgoing mail bin on the counter just below the postdoc, research scientists, and emeritus faculty mailboxes.

Off-campus Letters - Without Postage

Off-campus Letters – without postage;  stamps are available in the front office for work-related correspondence and pre-paid postage envelopes are also available in the front office for work-related correspondence.


Packages preferably should be sent using i-ship. Here is the link to the shipping department’s instructions for sending packages: http://cr.colostate.edu/shipping.html#shippackage. Once a package has its shipping label, it can be put on the counter next to the outgoing mail bin with a sticky note that says, “outgoing”.