Machine shop

The CSU Department of Physics machine shop is well equipped with programmable, precision milling machines, a welder, and other equipment that would be available.

Maskless Lithography

The laser writer is housed in a cleanroom in D216 of the Physics Department at Colorado State University.  Link here.

Major Research Facilities and Equipment

  • Conventional and Superconducting Magnets
  • Microwave Spectrometer for Ferromagnetic-Resonance Studies
  • ESR Spectrometers
  • Vibrating-Sample Magnetometer
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Ultrasonic Spectrometers
  • X-Ray-Diffraction Instrumentation
  • Pulsed and CW Lasers
  • Tunable Dye Lasers Along With Detection and Signal-Processing Equipment for Quantum-Electronics Research
  • Facilities for Semiconductor Fabrication and Analysis
  • High-Speed Work-Stations
  • Brillouin Light Scattering Spectroscopy
  • Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Optical and ebeam lithogragraphy
  • Sputter Deposition Facilities
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition
  • Floating Zone Furnace


The CORES program ensures access to state-of-the-art research tools and expertise across the University and enables development of new directions in emerging areas of research and technology. To learn more, click here. These facilities include:

  • JEOL JEM-2100F Transmission Electron Microscope (80 – 200 kV): with STEM capabilities
  • JEOL JSM-6500 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope: equipped for electron beam lithography
  • Quantum Design MPMS3: 7 Tesla magnet, SQUID Magnetometer
  • Quantum Design PPMS: 9 Tesla magnet, DC Resistivity, Electrical Transport, Thermal Transport, Heat Capacity, Horizontal Rotator, Multi-Function Probe, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, dilution refrigerator insert.

Optical Fiber Link to NIST WWV

CSU – NIST WWV optical fiber link: this link utilizes a radio over fiber technique to transmit a high-accuracy time and frequency reference from NIST to CSU.  This reference is used for precision spectroscopy experiments housed in the Department of Physics

Video Conference Room

We have a 1000-square foot video-equipped conference/seminar room available.