CSU was featured in the Quarknet Friday flyer!

Below is an excerpt from the event:

The CSU crew was able to meet once again in-person for their 2021 workshop after meeting virtually in 2020. Everyone agreed that Cherie Bornhorst’s delicious chocolate chip cookies were much more enjoyable in-person rather than over Zoom! The July 2021 workshop brought in a mix of QuarkNet veterans, teachers new to QuarkNet, and one future science teacher who is currently an undergraduate student at CSU. This workshop focused on CMS, which served as a refresher for returning teachers and an excellent jumping-off point for the new participants. Mentor Bob Wilson gave a talk titled, What is Mass–Really?…From Classical to Quantum and answered many questions about his current research on neutrinos. The workshop finished up with a lab tour hosted by Jay Jablonski, a senior technician involved in building and maintaining detectors on several projects including DUNE and ProtoDUNE.

Participants in the 2021 CSU workshop tossing oscillating “neutrinos.”


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