Bachelor of Science in Physics

DeFreitas, Luke

Kane, Andrew

Pait, Kade

Price, Christopher

Rehberg, Nicki

Ruterbories, Sebastian

VanArsdale, Jacob

Wakeham, Levi


Master of Science in Physics

Compton, Lia

Advisor(s): Kristen Buchanan

Thesis: Spin wave characterization in a one-dimensional yttrium iron garnet magnonic crystal using time-resolved Brillouin light scattering measurements.

Henry, Charles Brantley

Advisor(s): Jacob Roberts

Hurd IV, Howard Perrin

Advisor(s): Jacob Roberts

Salehi, Jonah Christopher

Advisor(s): Robert Wilson

Soderstrom, Joseph Michael

Advisor(s): William Fairbank Jr

Weyer, Berkley Quentin

Advisor(s): Dylan Yost

Wrobel, Megan Marie

Advisor(s): Norm Buchanan

Thesis: A Study of the Feasibility of Detecting Primordial Microscopic Black Hole Remnants with the NOvA Far Detector


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Fairbank, David Martin

Advisor(s): Samuel Brewer

Dissertation: Precision Measurements on a Single Trapped Beryllium Ion

Jiang, Puchang

Advisor(s): Jacob Roberts

Dissertation: Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Experimental Measurements of Radiofrequency heating for Strongly Coupled and Extremely Magnetized Ultracold Neutral Plasmas

Rojas, Paul

Advisor(s): Norm Buchanan

Dissertation: Charged Current Muon Neutrino and Charged Pion Inclusive Measurement

Swyt, Mitchell S.

Advisor(s): Kristen Buchanan

Dissertation: Brillouin Light Scattering: A Powerful Tool in Magnonics Research


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