“Magnetization Dynamics and Microwave Device Fabrication using Magnetic Nanostructures”

Speaker: Vipul Sharma

Time: 9:30AM – 10:30AM on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

Place: https://zoom.us/j/96253932547

Abstract: Nanostructured magnetic material offers great advancement in nano-scale devices. My research consists of the investigation of spin dynamics and microwave device fabrication using magnetic nanostructures. I have fabricated epitaxial ferromagnetic thin film of Full Heusler Alloy (Co2FeSi), and bilayers with 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Molybdenum disulfide (TMD MoS2, etc.). Full Heusler alloy Co2FeSi is a spectacular material system that has a very low Gilbert damping, high curie temperature, and half-metallic nature. Thin films of Co2FeSi were fabricated on a (001) oriented MgO substrate using a Pulsed Laser Deposition as well as by using a magnetron sputtering system. (i) A detailed investigation of magnetization dynamics and magnetocrystalline anisotropies has been conducted using the Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) technique to describe a favorable thickness regime of the epitaxial Co2FeSi film that can be made useful in spintronic applications. [Read more..]

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