“The Structure, Microstructure, and Properties of Nanolamellar Phases in the Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides”

Christopher R. Weinberger

Monday, October 24th at 4PM

120 Engineering (Hammond Auditorium)

The transition metal carbides and nitrides are candidate materials for ultra-high temperature applications where they are used as thermal barrier coatings and structural materials. The zeta phase is a unique phase in these materials that is often observed as what appears to be a transition phase when the carbon or nitrogen content is varied forming a nanolamellar microstructure. When this phase is present in the tantalum carbide ceramics, it provides exceptional toughness – which is attributed to its this unique microstructure. However, the stability, crystal structure and composition of the zeta phase has been and outstanding question for over 40 years. [Read More…]

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