Hua Chen recently received this award from the NSF for his project entitled, “Novel Electronic and Magnetic Dynamins and Responses in Noncollinear Magnetic Materials.”  This award supports theoretical and computational research aimed at unraveling the conceptual and practical challenges associated with describing the magnetic order in the so-called noncollinear magnetic materials. Unlike the case for conventional ferromagnets and antiferromagnets, noncollinear magnetic order cannot be visualized as arrays of parallel and antiparallel microscopic magnetic moments. Traditionally noncollinear magnetism has been much less studied than ferromagnetism and anti-ferromagnetism, and has had limited applications. However, recently several noncollinear magnetic metals have been discovered to have surprising properties that could potentially lead to useful electronic and spintronic applications. This cohesive theoretical-computational project aims to identify new principles in the coupled electronic and magnetic dynamics of noncollinear magnets, new and unique response functions to external fields, and to predict new material systems which exhibit noncollinear magnetism.

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