Congratulations to Bob Wilson who has been re-confirmed as Deputy Spokesperson of the ICARUS Collaboration for a two-year term.

“I am honored to be reelected to serve the collaboration in this role – grazie colleghi ! It has been very gratifying to help the collaboration grow and to watch as the T-600 was moved from Europe to a successful installation at Fermilab. It is a privilege to work alongside the scientists and engineers who developed the technology that enables us to perform precise measurement of neutrino interactions with massive detectors. The next few years, as we commission, operate, and analyze data from the experiment, promises to be among the most exciting of my career. And if I keep up with my daily phone app exercises, perhaps even my Italian will improve.” Read more here.

The HEPPA group at CSU also recently receive the great news that their efforts would continue on the DOE base grant for work in high energy physics. Funding is for $2.55 million over the next 3 years. PI’s in the department on the grant include Norm Buchanan, John Harton, Mike Mooney and Bob Wilson.

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