Liu with undergraduate student

After graduating with a B.S. in Physics from San Diego State University in 2008, Jason Liu joined the Colorado State University Physics Department as a graduate student.

“My decision to come to CSU was simple: the department offered me an environment which would allow me to grow,” Liu said. “I was able to learn from all the faculty, whether it be in the classroom or from conversations in the hallway.” 

As a graduate student, Liu conducted research in magnetization dynamics under the supervision of Kristen Buchanan. Since graduating from CSU, he held a 3-year postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Currently, he is a tenure-track assistant professor at Georgia Southern University, “which I have been at since Fall 2017”.

“I am passionate about undergraduate success,” he said. “My research program involves giving undergraduates a rigorous research experience so that they will be successful after graduation.”

Liu’s current research project involves using the photoluminescent properties of diamonds to detect magnetization dynamics in magnetic structures. Specifically his group is investigating spin wave interference in different magnetic geometries. Detection is done through a custom-built scanning confocal microscope and outcomes are studied with micro-magnetic simulations. 

At Georgia Southern University, Liu is a Ronald E McNair Mentor. This program is designed to support underrepresented and first-generation undergraduate students in the pursuit of graduate school. As a mentor, he is entrusted to guide a McNair fellow in research and in the process of applying to graduate school. He has also been awarded internal funding to support undergraduate research assistants. Lastly, Liu has also been invited to present his research 6 different times at several institutions.  

Jason shares, “I enjoyed my time at CSU. The physics graduate program help me become confident in my skills as a physicist. I consider all the faculty at CSU to be my mentors and hope to positively affect students as the CSU faculty have affected me.” 

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