“X-ray scattering explorations of growth, polarization switching, and domain formation in thin ferroelectric epitaxial films”

Carol Thompson

Northern Illinois University

Monday, September 26th at 4PM

120 Engineering  (Hammond Auditorium)

In situ, time-resolved techniques provide valuable insights into the complex interplay of kinetic and equilibrium mechanisms active during materials synthesis and subsequent processing.  X-ray based versions are particularly well suited to penetrate chamber walls and complex reactive environments. With the brilliance and coherency of the x-ray beams at hard x-ray synchrotrons, such as at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Lab, it is possible to exploit the sensitivity of surface scattering techniques used in-situ, to quantify atomic to microscale structure and its evolution within thin epitaxial films under complex environments. [Read More…]


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