“Seeking New Physics at Neutrino Oscillation Experiments”

Vedran Brdar

Thursday, January 13th at 4:00pm

One of the most important achievements in the field of particle physics was the dis-covery of neutrino oscillations. Despite already awarded Nobel Prize, neutrino oscil-lation experiments still have a lot to offer, primarily the discovery of CP violation in the lepton sector is anticipated. In addition to solving the remaining puzzles in the standard three-neutrino framework, neutrino experiments are also sensitive to new physics effects that could appear in the process of neutrino production, propagation and/or detection. After reviewing the basics of neutrino oscillations I will discuss a novel class of new physics realisations, testable already at present-day acceleration based experiments such as NOvA and T2K. This is based on the fact that neutrino mixing parameters at the scale of neutrino production and detection do not neces-sarily need to coincide since such parameters are subject to renormalization group evolution and the two processes occur at different energies. [Read more…]

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