Name Email Office Phone
R. Mark Bradley D215 970-491-5735
Kristen Buchanan D219 970-491-5424
Norm Buchanan D119 970-491-6192
Hua Chen D1 970-491-5829
Debra Dandaneau D107 970-491-7809
Jose de la Venta D209 970-491-5680
Richard E. Eykholt D103 970-491-7366
Wm. M. Fairbank Jr. D117 970-491-6660
Stuart Field D221 970-491-3773
Martin P. Gelfand D217 970-491-5263
Emily Hardegree-Ullman D213 970-491-8265
John Harton D203 970-491-6372
Brian Jones AR209 970-491-5131
David A. Krueger D121 970-491-7381
Siu Au Lee D109 970-491-6389
Michael Mooney D105  970-491-5870
Jacob Roberts AR124 970-491-0578
Jorge Rocca C101F 970-491-8514
Kate Ross  D207 970-491-5370
James R. Sites AR119 970-491-5850
Walter Toki D201 970-491-1548
Robert J. Wilson D205 970-491-5033
Mingzhong Wu D9 970-491-6312
Dylan Yost D3 970-491-7751

(all faculty offices are located in the C,D, and E wings of the Physics/Engineering Bldg)

Emeritus Faculty

Name Email
Saul Basri
Roger B. Culver
Marvin Heller
Dieter Hochheimer
Richard Kaufman
Sandy Kern
Robert Leisure
Stephen R. Lundeen
Carl E. Patton
John Raich
Steve Robinson
Chaio-yao She



Name Position Office Phone Email
Adame, Robert Shop Manager Glover 136 970-491-7177
Armentrout, Alicia Program Assistant AR124 970-491-7948
Dragan, Shelly Account Tech AR124 970-491-6206
Ferguson, Sheila Asst. Coordinator LSOP B329 NESB 970-491-3212
Jablonski, Jay Research Associate E10 970-491-4905
Lindsell, Patrick Asst. Coordinator LSOP B331 NESB NONE
Lonnquist, Kenn Asst. Lab Coordinator E208 970-491-2540
McLaughlin, Kristin Admin. Assistant AR124 970-491-6207
Michalak, Heather Director of Outreach B322 NESB 970-658-5074
Pearlstein, Adam Asst. Coordinator LSOP B331 NESB 970-491-3478
Spink, Sharon Admin. Assistant AR124 970-491-6206
Warner, Dave Research Associate AR115B 970-491-1035


Research Staff

Name Position Office Phone Email
Calvez, Steven Postdoc Ferilab NONE
Cherdack, Daniel Research Scientist AR206A 970-491-7922
Drayton, Jennifer Research Associate D202 970-491-6553
Fairbank, David Research Associate D115 NONE
Lin, Shih-Kai Postdoc E110 970-491-4140
Rogers, Hannah Postdoc AR206A NONE
Tahir, Muhammad Postdoc E110 970-491-4140
Yen, Yu-Shen Research Associate D7 NONE
Yu, Rui Research Associate D7 NONE


Graduate Students

Name Office Phone Email
Abdollah-nia, Farshad NONE NONE
Ard, Christopher E221 NONE
Baumgarten, Cory B309 @ ERC x8716
Boone, Tyler AR206 NONE
Brandt, Adam AR28 NONE
Burkley, Zakary AR29 NONE
Calvi, Chase ERC NONE
Caro, Ivan AR206 NONE
Castellanos, Rob E221 NONE 
Chambers, Christopher D115 NONE
Cooper, Samuel AR28 NONE
Craycraft, Adam D115 x0809
DeMann, August E211 NONE
Ding, Jinjun D7 NONE
Doyle, Derek E221 NONE 
Gilbert, Jonathan AR115 x3362
Guthrie, John AR115 x3362
Harris, Danielle E211 NONE
Hester, Gavin E219 NONE
Hilgenberg, Chris FERMI NONE
Hogan, Matthew AR206 NONE
Huss, Alexandra AR118 NONE
Iverson, Alec E217 NONE
Jiang, Puchang AR115 NONE
Johnson, Connor E112 NONE
Judah, Matthew FERMI NONE
Jundt, Pascal AR118 NONE
Kulatunga, Shamila E221 NONE
Lazur, Ryan E221 NONE
Lauzier, Joshua AR27 NONE
Li, Yijia E218 NONE
Loew, Kevin E212 NONE
Marchfield, David E218 NONE
Maughan, Weston E209 NONE
Mueller, Justin E215 NONE
Murray, Gabe E220 NONE
Nygren, Katherine D11 NONE
O’Mara, Bridget E214 NONE
Pandey, Ramesh AR118 NONE
Quispe-Flores, Carla E214 NONE
Randel, Emmett ERC NONE
Rasor, Cory AR29 NONE
Richardson, Daniel D7 NONE
Riley, Grant D11 x7228
Rockwood, Alex ERC x7272
Rojas, Paul E112 x6742
Ronald, Samuel D113 x6554
Sarkis, Colin E217 NONE
Schuckman, Frederick E113 x0813
Slone, Christopher E210 NONE
Sutton, Logan AR27 NONE
Todd, James E219 NONE
Watkins, Mark E209 NONE
Wang, Hanchen ERC NONE
Winblad, Aidan E220 NONE