Colloquia by semester

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
08/22/2022 Physics Department Meet & Greet No Colloquium Physics Department Meet & Greet
08/29/2022 Leo Radzihovsky University of Colorado Boulder “Immobile topological quantum matter”
09/05/2022 Labor Day No Colloquium Labor Day
09/12/2022 No Colloquium No Colloquium No Colloquium
09/19/2022 Haonan Wang Colorado State University “Statistical modeling of complex data with applications”
09/26/2022 Carol Thompson Northern Illinois University “X-ray scattering explorations of growth, polarization switching, and domain formation in thin ferroelectric epitaxial films”
10/03/2022 Zhexuan Gong Colorado School of Mines “Unsupervised Machine Learning of Quantum Phase Transitions”
10/10/2022 Hua Chen Colorado State University “Chirality, antiferromagnetism, and the anomalous Hall effect”
10/17/2022 Michael Mooney Colorado State University “Unlocking Precision Physics at LArTPC Neutrino Experiments ”
10/24/2022 Chris Weinberger Colorado State University “The Structure, Microstructure, and Properties of Nanolamellar Phases in the Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides”
10/31/2022 Siegfried Glenzer Stanford University “Exploring the most Extreme Conditions of Matter with ultra-bright X-rays”
11/07/2022 Jim Sites Colorado State University “CdTe-Based Solar Cells: Science and Impact
11/14/2022 Olivier Pinaud Colorado State University “Instantaneous Time Mirrors and Time Reversal”
11/21/2022 Fall Break No Colloquium
11/28/2022 Sergei Urazhdin Emory University “Quantum Magnetism and Spintronics”
12/05/2022 Marianna Safronova University of Delaware “Quantum Sensors for New-physics Searches in the Laboratory and in Space”
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
01/24/2022 Dylan Yost Colorado State University “Laser Slowing and Precision Spectroscopy of Atomic Hydrogen”
01/31/2022 Dmytro Bozhko University of Colorado Colorado Springs “Perspectives of Quantum Computing with Magnons”
02/07/2022 Xing Wu Harvard University “Where is All the Antimatter? Electron EDM Search in Cold Molecules Edges Closer”
2/10/2022 Christian Sanner JILA, Boulder, CO “Adventures of a clockmaker: Keeping time, testing relativity, and engineering atom-light interactions”
2/14/2022 Emine Altuntas University of Maryland “Quantum Backaction-Limited Measurements in Bose-Einstein Condensates”
2/17/2022 Nancy Aggarwal Northwester University “Precision measurements aiding the search for dark matter and gravitational-waves”
2/21/2022 No Colloquium No Colloquium No Colloquium
2/28/2022 Carmen Menoni Colorado State University “Tailoring medium range order in amorphous oxides for coatings of gravitational wave interferometers”
3/7/2022 Andrew Lucas University of Colorado Boulder “Hydrodynamics of viscous electron fluids”
3/14/2022 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
3/21/2022 Andy Kent New York University “Spintronics with Antiferromagnetic and Quantum Materials”
3/28/2022 Jacob Roberts Colorado State University “Electron-ion collision rates in strongly coupled and extremely magnetized ultracold neutral plasmas”
4/4/2022 Ezio Iacocca University of Colorado Colorado Springs “Manipulating the magnetization at the nanoscale with femtosecond laser pulses”
4/11/2022 Roopali Kukreja University of California Davis “Imaging ultrafast and ultrasmall: Unraveling nanoscale correlations in complex oxide heterostructures using time-resolved coherent x-ray scattering”
4/18/2022 Ben Jones University of Texas at Arlington “Single Barium Ion Identification Technologies for Background-Free Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches”
4/25/2022 Hans Nembach University of Colorado Boulder “Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Magnetic Multilayers”
5/2/2022 Pedro A. N. Machado Fermilab “The Large Neutrino Collider”
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/13 Jess Hagman Colorado State University Talking Critically about Student Success in STEM
9/20 Tim Stasevich Colorado State University Imaging and quantifying the translation dynamics of single mRNA molecules in live cells
9/27 Daniel Adams Colorado School of Mines Advanced Computational Metrologies: Measuring the Shape of Ultra-short Pulses of Light
10/4 Michael Litos University of Colorado (Boulder) Big Energy from Tiny Waves – Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Research at FACET-II
10/11 Liam Stanton San Jose State University Exploring Inertial Confinement Fusion with Multiscale Modeling
10/18 Norm Buchanan Colorado State University The Anatomy of a Neutrino Measurement
10/25 Noah Hurst University of Wisconsin Dynamics of strongly kinked, low edge safety factor tokamak plasmas in the Madison Symmetric Torus
11/1 No Colloquium No Colloquium No Colloquium
11/8 Mark Bradley Colorado State University Nanoscale Self-Organization Induced by Ion Bombardment of Solid Surfaces
11/15 David Craig APS Effective Practices for Physics Programs: A Bird’s Eye View of the EP3 Initiative
11/22 No Colloquium Fall Recess No Colloquium
11/29 Brian Stephenson Argonne National Laboratory Coherent X-ray Studies of Phase Transition Dynamics
12/6 Jay Hyun Jo Yale University Chasing Long Standing Neutrino Anomalies with MicroBooNE
1/10 Jeff Dror UC Santa Cruz The Detection of Cosmic Fossils
1/13 Vedran Brdar Northwestern University and Fermilab Seeking New Physics at Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/25 Heidi Newburg Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Marvelous Milky Way
2/1 Alex Klotz California State University Long Beach Materials Physics with Kinetoplast DNA
2/8 Stefania Gori University of California Santa Cruz Hunting dark particles at colliders
2/15 Maziar Raissi University of Colorado Boulder Hidden Physics Models
2/22 Andrea Liu University of Pennsylvania Doing ‘Statistical Mechanics’ with Big Data
3/1 Wes Campbell University of California Los Angeles The Preparation and Measurement of Pure Quantum States
3/8 Mohammad Hafezi University of Maryland Topological physics: from photons to electrons
3/15 Alumni Panel Heidi Olson, Seagate Technology
Russell Geisthardt, Keysight Technologies
Matthew Harrison, Google
3/22 Jennifer Burris Appalachian State University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for STEM Departments
3/29 Connie Li Naval Research Laboratory Direct electrical detection of spin-momentum locking in
topological insulators
4/5 Rajibul Islam University of Waterloo Programmable Quantum Simulations with Laser-cooled Trapped Ions
4/12 Spring Break
4/19 Amar Vutha University of Toronto The shape of electron, and why it matters
4/26 Ann Zabludoff University of Arizona Rethinking the Role of Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Evolution
5/3 Giorgio Gratta Stanford University Measuring gravity at micron scale and other fun tricks with optically levitated microspheres
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
8/24 Meet and Greet
8/31 Walter Toki Colorado State University Search for CP violation in Neutrino Oscillations
9/14 June Lau NIST Gaithersburg Laser-free GHz stroboscopic TEM: deployment, benchmarking, and applications
9/21 Ron Walsworth University of Maryland Quantum Diamond Sensors
9/28 Kate Ross Colorado State University Quantum Magnetism
10/5 Roger Pynn Indiana University Can we reinvent the neutron as an entangled quantum probe?
10/12 Jonathan Asaadi University of Texas Arlington Pixelation: Bringing liquid noble element detectors into focus
10/19 Hua Chen Colorado State University New twists in two-dimensional systems due to (quasi) periodicities in space and time
11/2 Bhaskar Dutta Texas A&M University Particle Theory Models and Dark Matter: How to connect?
11/9 Michael Mooney Colorado State University The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment: LArTPC R&D for
Precision Physics Measurements
11/16 Andrew Geraci Northwestern University Searching for “Fifth-forces”, Dark Matter, and Quantum Gravity in the Lab
11/30 Dmitri Denisov Brookhaven National Laboratory Particle Colliders – past, present and future
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/16 Francesco Capozzi Max Planck Institute for Physics Frontiers in Neutrino Oscillations: Precision and New Phenomena
1/23 Joshua Berger University of Pittsburgh Dark Matter: New Avenues to Detection
1/27 Bartosz Fornal University of Utah Neutron’s Dark Secret
1/30 Noemi Rocco Argonne National Laboratory Spotting Neutrinos with Nuclei
2/3 Bibhushan Shakya CERN Discovering New Physics with Neutrinos
2/10 Lars Von Der Wense JILA From the atomic to the nuclear optical clock
2/17 Dennis Perepilitsa University of Colorado Boulder Exploring the Hottest Matter in the Universe with Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
2/24 Satoru Nakatsuji University of Tokyo Weyl Fermions and Topological Spintronics
3/2 Tara Fortier National Institute of Standards and Technology Optical Clock Comparisons at the 18th-Decimal Place
3/9 Joseph Zadrozny Colorado State University Understanding and Controlling Magnetic Relaxation in Highly Magnetic Environments
3/23 Graduate Research Night GAC

Replacement TBA

June Lau National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg Laser-free GHz stroboscopic TEM: construction, deployment, and benchmarking
4/13 Hua Chen Colorado State University
4/27 Mike Mooney Colorado State University
5/4 Roger Pynn Indiana University
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/9 Mingzhong Wu Colorado State University Topological Insulator/Magnetic Insulator Heterostructures
9/16 Dylan Yost Colorado State University Precision Spectroscopy of Simple Atoms
9/23 Eva Kostadinova Baylor University Alice in the Mesoscopic Wonderland
9/30 Lincoln Carr Colorado School of Mines How the Quantum Craze is Changing the World
10/7 Jennifer Hoffman University of Denver Metamorphosis: New Views of Supernova Explosions and Progenitors
10/14 Daniel Snowden-lfft Occidental College Beam-Dump Dark Matter Search Utilizing a Low-Threshold, Directional Dark Matter Detector (BDX-DRIFT) at Jefferson Lab
10/21 Wolfgang Bangerth Colorado State University Complex simulations: From numerical mathematics via software to applications
10/28 Chris Chiaverina New Trier High School/The Physics Teacher (AAPT) Physics for the Many
11/4 Taritree Wonjirad Tufts University The MiniBooNE Anomaly: a Neutrino Unsolved Mystery
11/11 Wolfgang Bangerth (Re-Scheduled) Colorado State University Complex simulations: From numerical mathematics via software to applications
Next Semester      Dmitri Denisov (Re-Scheduled) Brookhaven Natl. Lab Top quark – From the Discovery to a Tool for Discoveries
11/18 Jim Sites Colorado State University High-Efficiency Thin-Film CdTe Solar Cells
12/2 Jorge Rocca Colorado State University Relativistic nanophotonics: creating extreme plasma conditions and fields with ultrafast lasers
Next Semester Dennis Perepelitsa (Re-Scheduled) University of Colorado Boulder Exploring the Hottest Matter in the Universe
12/9 Keith Ulmer University of Colorado Boulder Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/28 Ezekiel Johnston‐Halperin Ohio State University Quantum Magnonics in V[TCNE]2
2/7 Justin Bohnet Honeywell Quantum Solutions Quantum Entanglement in 2D Arrays of Trapped Ions
2/11 Serena Eley Colorado School of Mines Resistance is Not Futile: Pinning Down Elusive Vortices
in Superconductors
2/14 Quentin Glorieux Sorbonne University Quantum Simulation with Light: From Superfluidity
to Rotating Black Holes
2/18 Bruce Gaulin McMaster University Ground State Selection in Quantum Pyrochlore Magnets
2/21 Samuel Brewer National Institute of Standards and Technology An 27Al+ Quantum‐logic Clock with Systematic Uncertainty below 10−18
2/26 Arthur Matveev Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics Laser Spectroscopy of Atomic Hydrogen & the Proton Size Puzzle Arthur Matveev
3/4 Amber Krummel Colorado State University Exploiting Molecular Vibrations to Visualize Chemical Structure & Dynamics in Advanced Materials
3/11 Michael McGehee University of Colorado, Boulder How Metal Halide Perovskite Semiconductors could Transform the Solar Industry
3/25 Dan Dessau University of Colorado, Boulder Resistance is Futile: High temperature and topological superconductivity
4/1 Kazuhiro Terao Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Machine Learning for Physics Reconstruction of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
4/8 Jeff Kimble Caltech Quantum Matter Built from Nanoscopic Lattices of Atoms and Photons
4/15 Roger Culver Colorado State University GNAT & the Red Dwarfs
4/22 Yayoi Takamura University of California, Davis Engineering Spin Textures in Nanostructured Complex Oxides
4/29 Kate Scholberg Duke University Detecting the Tiny Thump of the Neutrino
5/6 Gary Feldman Harvard University Neutrino Oscillations
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/22 Jacob Roberts CSU (Department Chair) Meet ‘n’ Greet
1/29 Richard King Arizona State University One-Sun Multijunction Photovoltaics
2/5 Angelo Mascarenhas NREL Ferroelastic Modulation and the Bloch formalism
2/12 Justin Sambur CSU Photocurrent Mapping of Ultra-Thin Liquid Junction Solar Cells
2/19 Eric Toberer Colorado School of Mines Computational and experimental force multipliers for the discovery of new thermoelectric materials
2/26 Elizabeth Worcester Brookhaven National Lab  Science and Detectors of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
3/5 Mike Brotherton University of Wyoming Reverberation Mapping of Active Galactic Nuclei
3/19 Nina Markovic Goucher College Designing Quantum Matter with Superconducting Nanowires
3/26 Josue Davila-Roderiguez NIST Optical Frequency Metrology and Low Noise Microwave Generation with Optical Frequency Combs
4/2 Alan MacDonald University of Texas-Austin Moiré Patterns in van der Waals Heterojunctions
4/9 Juan Fernandez Los Alamos National Lab Intense Laser-Driven Ion Beams- the Science of How They’re Made & Their Applications
4/16 Joe Berry NREL  Progress in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells- Insights on active layers and interfaces relating to stability
4/23 Amy Roberts University of Colorado-Denver  The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search detectors- pushing to lower thresholds in search of an answer
4/30 Karine Chesnel BYU A Journey Through Magnetic Memory
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
8/21 Jacob Roberts CSU (Department Chair) Cancelled due to Eclipse
8/28 Kaka Ma CSU ME Ultrafine Grained Precipitation Hardened Aluminum Alloy
9/11 Jorge Rocca CSU ECE Relativistic Nanoscale Ultrahigh Energy Density Physics
9/18 Rahul Nandkishore University of Colorado-Boulder Many Body Localization and Thermalization
9/25 Dustin Gilbert NIST Controlling Materials at the Nanoscale with Ion Migration
10/2 Andrew Norman Fermilab Enabling High Energy Physics through Modern Computing
10/9 Hao Zeng SUNY Buffalo   Chalcogenide Compounds as Emerging Semiconducting Materials
10/16 Steve Pollock University of Colorado-Boulder  A Research-Validated Approach to Transforming Upper-Division Physics Courses
10/23 Dietrich Leibfreid NIST Preparation and Coherent Manipulation of Pure Quantum States of a Single Molecular Ion
10/30 Michael Morrison University of Oklahoma How Can You Cool a Molecule to near absolute zero – and why would you want to? 
11/6 Walter Toki CSU Physics Search for Charge-Parity Violation in Neutrino Oscillations and Recent T2K Results
11/13 Albert Fert Nobel Laureate The Route from Fundamental Science to Innovation
11/14 Albert Fert Nobel Laureate Recent Advances on Magnetic Skyrmions
11/27 Meenakshi Singh Colorado School of Mines More than Moore
12/4 Stefan Facsko Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf Nanoscale Surface Patterning by Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly of Ion-Induced Vacancies and Ad-Atoms

CMP Seminars by academic year

Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Title
9/24 11:00 am ENGRG 121 Denis Candido University of Iowa Blurring the boundaries between topological and non-topological phenomena in dots
10/8 11:00 am LSC 310 Kristen Buchanan Colorado State University Imaging Spins in Motion
10/10 11:00 am ENGRG 126 Vivek Amin NIST at Gaithersburg, MD Anatomy of Spin-Orbit Torque
12/10 11:00 am LSC 324 Kai Liu Georgetown University Magneto-Ionics and Chiral Spin Textures
1/24 9:00 am LSC 372 Michael Flatte University of Iowa New Materials and Devices for Quantum Coherent Electronic Technologies
2/20 10:00 am ENGRG 126 Dr. Xufeng Zhang Argonne National Laboratory Advancing quantum information science with hybrid cavity magnonics
2/25 11:00 am LSC 386 Satoru Nakatsuji University of Tokyo Exotic superconductivity upon transformation of orbitals into bands
2/28 9:00 am LSC 310 Eteri Svanidze Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids Solid-state materials – how to find and study them
2/28 10:00 am LSC 310 Oliver Rader Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin Fundamental properties of strongly correlated and magnetic topological insulators by angle-resolved photoemission at 1 K
3/9- Cancelled 10:00 am ENGRG 126 Shang-Fan Lee Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Spin waves in sub-micron magnetic structures
3/10- Cancelled 2:00 pm ENGRG 120 Andrei Bernevig
3/24 11:00 am Brad Ramshaw
4/21 11:00 am Stephanie Simmons
4/28 11:00 am Qian Niu
Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Title
10/24 9:00 am LSC 322 YoshiChika Otani University of Tokyo Spin Conversion Phenomena in Spintronics
11/9 2:00 pm ENGRG E106 Oleg Tchernyshyov Johns Hopkins University  Mechanics of Magnetic Solitons
1/28 10:00 am Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin Ohio State University Quantum Magnonics in V[TCNE]2
1/29 10:00 am Luqiao Liu  MIT Magnetic Switching with Topological Insulator and Compensated Ferrimagnet
2/19 10:00 am Bruce Gaulin McMaster University Geometrical Frustration in Two and Three Dimensional Tb-based Magnets
3/19 10:00 am LSC 376 Andy Kent New York University Spin Transport in Thin Insulating Antiferromagnets
4/9 10:00 am Hari Srikanth University of South Florida Tuning Magnetic Anisotropy in Nanostructures for Biomedical and Electromagnetic Applications