2L Bottle Leyden Jar and Light

Demo Number 026
Location Shelf 31
Description These jars are used to store charges from an electrostatic generator. They consist of three parts: an outer conductor, an inner conductor, and a dielectric jar. Connect Jars to Van de Graaff Generator and store the charge.
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  • The outside coating of the Jar should be connected to the ground so that the repelled charge can get away. When the inner and outer coatings of jars are connected together by the discharger, a heavy spark is given. It is dangerous to be shocked by the charge of the Leyden Jar when it is fully charged! The discharger has an insulated handle and the jar may be discharged by it without danger.
  •  Procedure:
    • Charge 2L Bottle with the Wimshurst machine or the Van de Graaf Generator (VDG Demo 182 shelf 27 or WIMSHURST STATIC MACHINE Demo 163 shelf 31).
    • Allow several sparks to connect with the screw in the bottle’s cap.
    • Connect one alligator clip from the fluorescent light to the metal tab on bottle.
    • To discharge the capacitor and light the light, touch the 2nd clip to screw in the bottle’s cap.

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