Demo Number 002
Location Missing but other capacitors are located on the bottom shelf of the cabinet next to the sink.
Description Discharging a capacitor very quickly (Shorting) with a metal rod creates a large spark.
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  • Procedure:
    • Connect High Voltage Power Supply P.S. (missing but other P.S. on shelf 61) to the metal studs on the capacitor and charge it.
    • Disconnect one connector from the power supply (If not disconnected, you will destroy the P.S.)
    • Place the metal part of the screw driver on the two capacitor’s leads, you will see a big spark. The screwdriver should have a well-insulated handle.
    • After spark, turn the P.S.  off (in not already disconnected do so now)and place the metal part of the screwdriver on the capacitor’s studs again, so you could be sure that there is no charge on it.

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