Torsion Wave Generator

Demo Number 246
Location Shelf 44
Description PASCO Transverse Wave Demonstrator consists of a set of rods attached to a torsional wire. When the end rod is moved transversely the disturbance is transmitted down the demonstrator.
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  • You can demonstrate:
    • (1) wave propagation;
    • (2) velocity in different media by two sections whose oscillators have different mass;
    • (3) wavelength versus velocity and frequency;
    • (4) reflection at fixed and free boundaries (by clamping the end if desired);
    • (5) constructive and destructive interference;
    • (6) standing waves and resonance (a mechanical oscillator for fixed known frequencies is available if desired);
    • (7) reflection and transmission at media boundaries.

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 3B10 Transverse Pulses and Waves