Ripple Tank

Demo Number 241
Location Shelf 42
Description The ripple tank consists of a shallow tray of water with an overhead light source to illuminate the ripples in the water. The light source can be strobed so that the waves are made to look as if they are stationary.
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  • 1) Demonstrate parallel wavefronts and their reflection on a variety of differently shaped surfaces.
  • 2) Demonstrate the refraction of waves when the parallel wavefronts change wave speed when the water depth is changed.
  • 3) Demonstrate parallel wavefronts as they diffraction around a barrier. Demonstrate the interference of the wave produced by two point sources.
  • Time-consuming setup and takedown. Needs at least 3 electrical outlets.

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 3B10 Transverse Pulses and Waves, 9C35 Ripple Tank