Coupled Pendula

Demo Number 411
Location Shelf 35
Description There are 3 pendula on this device (left to Right)
1: Double (Chaotic) pendulum
2: Coupled pendulum with spring
3: Coupled pendulum M1>>M2
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  • Chaotic pendulum: Start the pendulum pointing up and watch the movement
  • Coupled pendulum with spring: Keep one stationary and pull one about 2 inches to the side. Then release both. The one set in motion will transfer all motion to the other and stop momentarily. Then the process starts over with the other pendulum (~10 seconds to arrive back to initial conditions).
  • Coupled pendulum M1>>M2: Hold the bottom weight in place and offset the top weight. Then release both

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 3A75 Normal Modes, 3A70 Coupled Oscillations