RLC Circuit

Demo Number 386
Location Shelf 36
Description This is an RLC Circuit that can be either driven with an AC Source or a DC source.
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  • The function generator on shelf 61 is a good AC source.
  • DO NOT EXCEED 5V AND 0.5A. (If using the function generator, do not turn the “amplitude” knob more than halfway; the bulb may bust)
  • There is a selector at the bottom left to put the speaker in the circuit or out of the circuit. 
  • Procedure:
    • Get two banana cables.
    • With the speaker switch in the “no current” position, connect the AC source and the board (connections top left)
    • Turn on the AC source and double-check the current and voltage (0.5A and 5V, respectively). If using the function generator, set the amplitude to less than half.
    • Using the throw switch, select either the loop with or without the speaker.
    • If your AC Source can vary the frequency, start at low frequency and “scan” to higher frequencies. 
  • There is a resonance at low frequency (~15Hz) without the speaker and another at higher frequency (~110Hz) with the speaker. Note: you will need to increase the “amplitude to 3/4 momentarily around 100-120Hz to see the bulb and hear the speaker. Please decrease “amplitude” when going back down to low frequencies. 
  • At higher frequencies, the bulb and speaker will not operate due to the inductor in the circuit.
  • The board has a prop on the back to hold the board up if desired (see the third picture).

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