LR Circuit

Demo Number 385
Location Shelf 36
Description This is an LR circuit that shows how energy is stored in an inductor.
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  • You will need two banana-alligator cables.
  • There is a 9V battery supplied with the demo. PLEASE ONLY USE THIS AS THE POWER SUPPLY!
  • Procedure:
    • Disconnect the throw switch.
    • Using the two banana-alligator cables, connect the battery to the two terminals located on the bottom left of the board.
    • Now connect the throw switch.
    • Notice what happens:
      • One of the red lights illuminates gradually (~0.5sec).
      • The incandescent bulb also illuminates gradually (~1sec).
    • Now disconnect the throw switch.
    • Notice what happens:
      • Both bulbs turn off.
      • The other red light briefly illuminates.
  • The board has a prop on the back to hold the board up if desired (see the third picture).

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