Pinwheel in a vacuum

Demo Number 365
Location Shelf 27
Description This shows what happens when the pinwheel demo (demo 027 shelf 27) is placed in a vacuum.
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  • Additional instructions in the box.
  • You will need:
    • Van de Graaff generator demo 182 shelf 27
    • Original Pinwheel demo  (demo 027 shelf 27)
    • Bell Jar demo 311 shelf 30
      • Short wide bell jar
      • Solid metal vacuum plate
      • The two rubber mats for insulation
    • Vacuum pump cart by shelf 56
    • Note: the box for this demo contains:
      • Grounding stick in a plastic pipe
      • Yellow grounding cable
      • Red wire to connect  VDG to the metal vacuum plate
      • Electrical tape to tape the wires in place.
  • Setup procedure:
    • Once you have all the required components, set the rubber mats on the table and place the vacuum plate on them in such a way so that they are not in contact with the table.
    • Set the pinwheel in the middle of the vacuum plate.
    • Tape one end of the red wire to the edge of the plate and the other to the VDG.The red cable must not touch ANYTHING!!
    • Attach the grounding rod to the grounding cable and the other end of the grounding cable to the ground on the VDG.
    • Turn on the VDG to make sure that the pinwheel is working.
    • Now place the bell jar on the vacuum plate centered on the pinwheel (you may need to apply some vacuum grease which is in the bell jar box).
    • Attach the vacuum pump to the vacuum plate and evacuate the chamber.
    • Turn on the VDG once a vacuum is produced. Spoiler alert! The pinwheel will not spin.
    • Now take the grounding rod and bring it close to the bell jar. See what happens!

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