Demo Number 186
Location Shelf 36
Description This shows many overlapping principles such as kinetic and potential energy, magnetism, linear momentum, and forces.
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  • The first photo is the current setup. the second is the old setup which is also the same picture on the demo box.
  • Consists of 5 magnets and several steel ball bearings. The ball bearings are arranged such that as one rolls towards a magnet, it is pulled into the magnet. Its momentum is then transferred through the magnet, and to the other ball bearings on the other side of the magnet forceing the outer ball bearing to carry on down the line and into the next set of ball bearings. This reaction launches the last ball bearing. This process takes a fraction of a second to happen.
  • The magnets are not permanently in place. Watch the video to see the intended use.
  • There are instructions in the box.

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