Demo Number 018
Location Shelf 33
Description Samples of ferrofluid that align strongly with an applied magnetic field. The small sealed tube can be used to easily and clearly show the behavior of the fluid.
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  • Ferrofluid was originally developed and synthesized under a NASA research project as part of the space program. The fluid is an ultra-stable colloid without agglomeration, precipitation, and separation of the particles. Thus it is capable of defying the force of gravity. It is a stable colloidal suspension of subdomain magnetic particles (Fe3O4 magnetite), approximately 110 Å in size coated with a stabilizing surfactant or dispersing agent which is then dispersed into a base oil. Typical ferrofluid 10^23 particles/m^3 opaque to light.
  • Magnets are located in demo 9007 on shelf 56 and the bottom of demo 337 cart by the main door

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 5G20 Magnetic Domains and Magnetization