Can Crusher

Demo Number 415
Location Shelf 34
Description This demo crushes a standard soda can with a strong magnetic field.
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  • This demo is dangerous!!! Before using contact the coordinator!!!
  • Procedure:
    • Connect the banana cables to the power supply provided.
    • Drop the two throw switches.
    • Turn on the power supply and allow the capacitors to charge to the 5kV limit of the power supply.
    • Once charged disconnect both throw switches, disconnect the banana cables from the power supply, and turn off the power supply. THE POWER SUPPLY MUST BE COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED OR IT WILL EXPLODE WHEN YOU SEND THE CURRENT THROUGH THE COIL TO CRUSH THE CAN. TRUST ME, I DID IT.
    • After everything is disconnected, use the pushrod to connect the two brass rods to crush the can.
    • Instructions are included

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