Demo Number 9010
Location Shelf 56
Description A long metal slinky and a longer but smaller metal spring. The slinky can be used to show compression waves and the smaller more sturdy spring can be used to show transverse waves.
 Related Demos
  • These are two very long springs (one a slinky) to show wave propagation on a classroom size level.
  • Please do not use the slinky for transverse waves since slinkies have are very good at destroying themselves if handled roughly this way.
  • SLINKY SPRING can be used for Transverse and Longitudinal Motion demonstration – clamp the spring to the lecture table and hold the other end with some tension. Strike the spring sharply with your hand to send a traveling pulse; shake the end with various frequencies to illustrate transverse standing waves. Hold slinky in your hand vertically, a wave is pulsed and travels the length of the slinky -compressional waves demonstration.
  • Long SPRING WIRE COIL shows Progressive Wave Motion.
  • You will need a metal post or student volunteer to hold one end of the spring or slinky.

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