Singing Rod

Demo Number 294
Location Shelf 51
Description Slide your fingers repeatedly along this 60-cm-long metal rod, an ear-piercing sound is generated. You control how loud the sound gets from a whisper to an auditorium-filling shriek.
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  • This is a great experiment to demonstrate the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.
  • The loudest frequencies for each bar are approximately: 2480 Hz, 3100 Hz, 4140 Hz.
  • Use similar pressure to a signing wine glass, it will take several strokes once the rod is vibrating to reach maximum volume. The louder the rod is singing, the less pressure it takes to maintain the vibration.
  • You will need
    • Rosin to lightly coat your fingers (in the tube)
    • Instructions included in tube

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 3D40 Resonance in Plates, Bars, Solids