Demo Number 053
Location Shelf 44
Description Using this set you can demonstrate both the physical phenomenon of polarization and its use for analyzing stress.
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  • When you stress the included plastic shapes between the polarizers, they become birefringent and create bright colors and patterns along the lines of internal strain.
  • You can stack the two polarizing sheets attached to the boards on top of an overhead projector (on a cart by shelf 56). There are marble “bearings” to stack them on so you can rotate them and note the change in transmitted intensity.
  • With the two mounted sheets oriented with polarization axes perpendicular, you can then slide one of the loose sheets in between (with its polarization vector at a 45-degree angle to one of the sheets) and note that now light can pass through.
  • There is also a bottle of corn syrup in the box. The sugar molecules in the syrup are optically active and circularly polarizes the light. The thicker sugar will rotate the light through a different angle than the thinner, thus different wavelengths (colors) of light are seen.

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 6H Polarization, 6H10 Dichroic Polarization, 6H30 Circular Polarization