Near Infrared Detector

Demo Number 247
Location Shelf 44
Description Surrounding lights and the LED found on the radio are detected by the solar cell on the amplifier and the light signal is translated to sound. The solar cell can also detect near IR from the remote controls.
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  • A 60 Hz hum from the fluorescent lights can be heard. The radio can be heard in a similar way through the light. The radio sends signals to the LED which pulses rapidly. The solarcell detects this and it can be heard on the amplifier.
  • If you hold the remote to a cell phone’s camera, the camera will display a purple light. Link to example.
  • Use the infrared filter to block the signal from the remote controls and other light sources.
  • Detailed instructions in the box.
  • IR filter is missing, talk to Brian Jones

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 5N30 Electromagnetic Spectrum