Demo Number 283
Location Shelf 49
Description Swing a battery-powered buzzer, in the net bag attached to a light-weight rope, above your head in a horizontal circle. Students in the room will hear the Doppler Effect on the buzzer’s sound as it continuously moves toward and away from them.
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  • Instead of the buzzer you can use the Bluetooth Speaker (Demo 052 Shelf 12) and play a siren to imitate what is heard in the real world.
  • 1. The “ON-OFF” switch on the battery pack has been highlighted in Fluorescent Orange Ink, so it can be seen well through the white net bag.
  • 2. The Buzzer can be easily turned ON & OFF while it remains in the white net bag.
  • 3. Use the Clear Plastic Handle on the Rope to adjust the radius of the horizontal circle above your head by allowing the rope to slide through the Handle until the desired radius is achieved.
  • CAUTION: Carefully estimate your radius, so as not to smash the Doppler Buzzer into a wall, blackboard, demo table, smart-room control table, student, etc.

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