Chinese Water Spouting Bowl

Demo Number 243
Location Shelf 43
Description These bowls create standing waves which produces water to spout up to 3 ft. high. Made from a bronze, when the handles are rubbed by the palms of the hand, the bowl begins to hum and vibrate, and the water in it spouts up due to the creation of standing waves.
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  • The Water Spouting Bowl has 4 heavy-duty rubber feet glued to the bottom at its nodes.
  • Fill the bowl with at least 2 inches of water. Moisten hands and rub on the handles (it may take a minute to find the right pressure). The resonant effect is like a singing wine glass.
  • Filling the bowl almost up to the handles will create more dramatic splashing and also make a bit of a mess.
  • CAUTION!!! Do not do this next to anything that cannot get wet.
  • Used in the early Tao Temples for the purpose of meditation and as a science tool for the study of standing waves.

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