Blow a fuse

Demo Number 399
Location Shelf 34
Description This is a simple circuit that allows you to blow a fuse and see the effect on the circuit. Two ways:

  1. In-line fuse “fuse box” blows when you screw in too many bulbs. (Uses 2A fuse)
  2. Short circuit short when you plug it with bulbs in place. (Uses 1A fuse)
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  • The fuse used is a AGC type.
  • The fuse is a little difficult to get in and out of the holder.
  • Do not use a high amperage fuse because the demo will turn in “blow a circuit breaker”
  • Procedure:
    • Unplug from any power source!!
    • Place the fuse in the holder.
    • Make sure the throw switch is not engaged
    • Plug in the cord. (you may consider using the Variac on shelf 61 demo 9000.
    • Engage the throw switch.
  • Note: this used to be part of demo 036

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