Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction

Demo Number 360
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Description This reaction serves as a classical
example of non-equilibrium
thermodynamics, resulting in the
establishment of a nonlinear chemical
oscillator. Solution will oscillate from
red to blue for up to several hours. A
petri dish can be used to visualize
concentric circles.
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  • WARNING: Proper chemical
    precautions need to be taken.
    Chemicals used in this reaction are
    toxic, skin irritants, eye and respiratory
    irritant. Reaction should be performed
    in a well ventilated area. SAFETY
  • magnetic stirrer, magnetic stirring bar, stirring bar remover (not
    provided) petri dish, four 100 mL beakers, one 50 mL beaker,
    measuring cylinder (can be found in Demo room)
  • If you wish to perform this reaction you MUST thoroughly
    understand the procedures. Online research is suggested.

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This Demo is Part of the following Categories: 4 Thermodynamics, 4F Entropy and the Second Law