3D Magnetic Field Viewer

Demo Number 388
Location Shelf 38
Description 3D Magnetic Field Viewer. There are iron filings suspended in a silicon oil. A magnet is inserted in the side opening and the iron filings line up along the magnetic field lines.
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  • There is a strong magnet in the main box.
    • However, each demo has one included
  • How to:
    • Insert a magnet and use the plastic rod provided to position the magnet.
    • If the iron filings are at the bottom, there will be very few filings that move to the magnetic field. In this case, flip the demo upside down with the magnet still inside the demo.
    • After a few seconds, the filings will settle, and the field lines will be visible.
    • When removing the magnet, there will be resistance. Be cautious not to let the strong magnet fly out and hit something or drop the demo.

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