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PhD, University of Alberta (2003)

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My research interests are focused in the area of experimental high-energy (particle) physics. I have worked in both hadron and neutrino physics. I am currently a member of the NOvA and DUNE collaborations where I work on neutrino interaction cross-sections and detector development, respectively. On the NOvA experiment my research interests involve measuring neutrino interactions using the near detector complex located at Fermilab near Chicago in Illinois. I am also the convener of the data-driven trigger group. My work on the DUNE experiment is focused on photon detection in the liquid argon time projection detectors (TPC) that make up the DUNE far detector. My group provides the engineering for the photon detector system and is responsible for PDS assembly and quality assurance.  Previously, I was the project manager for the photon detector system.

NOvA near detector

NOvA near detector

The NOvA experiment utilizes an intense “super-beam” of neutrinos to try to help us understand how neutrinos mix together, or oscillate from one type to another. One of the main goals of the NOvA experiment is to observe the oscillation of muon neutrinos into electron neutrinos and in do so determine the neutrino mass hierarchy. The probability of such oscillations is relatively low and thus requires an intense neutrino source, as well as excellent detectors and very precise measurements of signal and background events. To accomplish this the NOvA experiment uses an off-axis beam with the 14 kt far detector located 14 mrad off-axis 810 km away from the neutrino source.  Data taking is currently underway with first oscillation results expected soon! The results of the NOvA oscillation measurement, along with those from the T2K experiment, will provide direction for the next generation of neutrino experiments where it is hoped that the CP violating phase angle (δcp) may be measured. CP violation in the neutrino sector might provide clues to the matter dominated make-up of the universe. There is also the possibility that nature will be kind and NOvA could get an indication of the value of δcp.

I am also interested in projects beyond NOvA and am involved in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) where an intense neutrino beam of muon neutrinos will be sent from Fermilab, near Chicago, to a huge detector located a mile underground in the Black Hills, more than 1000km away. The DUNE far detector will be comprised of liquid argon TPCs with a total fiducial volume of 40 kilotons. My group is one of several groups developing methods to collect the 128 nm photons resulting from the scintillation of liquid argon by charged particles.

Selected Publications (of 348)

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