B.S., University of California – Davis (1982)

Ph.D., MIT (1988)

Particle Astrophysics

My current research interests are in experimental particle astrophysics, and in particular in the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory.

Selected Publications

  • Pierre Auger Collaboration (J. Abraham et al.), “PROPERTIES AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PROTOTYPE INSTRUMENT FOR THE PIERRE AUGER OBSERVATORY,” Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 523, 50-95 (2004).
  • The Pierre Auger Collaboration, “Search for localized excess fluxes in Auger sky maps and prescription results,” astro-ph/0507600.
  • P. Bauleo et al., “Absolute Calibration of the Auger Fluorescence Detectors,” astro-ph/0507347.

Photo Gallery

Auger Members

Members of the Auger Collaboration, with a newly installed scintillation detector. The Pierre Auger Project’s Southern Observatory, located in the high plains of Argentina, will include over a thousand water tanks with photodetectors (like the one seen in this photo) in order to identify high-energy cosmic rays impinging on the Earth.