Condensed Matter

Image for Prof. Kristen Buchanan's research Nanomagnetism and Magnet Dynamics Prof. Kristen Buchanan

Our group’s research is focused on exploring and understanding the unique magnetization states and dynamic processes that can be found in magnetic nanostructures. Nanomagnetism Group Page

Condensed Matter Theory and Materials Physics  Prof. Hua Chen

We are interested in a broad range of topics in theoretical condensed matter and materials physics, with a special focus on the roles played by spin-orbit coupling. Recent research in our group involves noncollinear magnetism, spintronics, and topological phenomena in low-dimensional systems.

Image for Prof. Jose de la Venta's research Nanoscience Prof. Jose de la Venta

Our interest lies in electronic, magnetic, optical and structural properties of materials and devices. We are interested in studying how different properties of systems change on nano-length scales and with the dimensionality of the system. In addition, proximity effects and external stimuli are tools that allow us to tailor the properties of these systems. (link to: de la Venta’s Lab)

Vortex Dynamics Complex and Nonlinear Systems Prof. Stuart Field

The main focus of our research is in the static and dynamic properties of superconducting vortices. We employ both electronic and magnetic measurements. In particular, we use scanning Hall probe microscopy to image vortices in thin films. Static and Dynamic Imaging of Vortices.

Image for Prof. Stuart Field's research

Frustrated and Quantum Magnetism Prof. Kate A. Ross 

Our group explores novel electronic phases of matter that arise in strongly frustrated magnetic materials.  We synthesize new materials that can form quantum entangled ground states, topological defects, or other emergent phenomena.  We then observe the emergent excitations in these many-body systems using inelastic neutron scattering. Frustrated and Quantum Magnetism homepage

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Image for Prof. James Sites' research Photovoltaic Devices Prof. James Sites

Our group does detailed experimental studies and modeling of photovoltaic devices, particularly those based on thin-film, polycrystalline CuInS and CdTe. Much of our effort is devoted to quantifying specific mechanisms for loss of efficiency. CSU Photovoltaics Laboratory.

Microwave Magnetics and Nanomagnetism Prof. Mingzhong Wu

The research of our group is focused on spin wave dynamics in magnetic films, solitons and chaos, parametric pumping; magnetic nanoparticles, nanocomposities, and nanostructures; microwave and millimeter wave magnetic materials and devices. Microwave Magnetics and Nanomagnetism Group homepage.

Image for Prof. Mingzhong Wu's research



Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Prof. Carl Patton

Our group is engaged in a variety of basic and applied research that ranges from the fundamental understanding of magnetic order to the study of materials and device structures for information storage, radar, and high frequency signal processing applications. Magnetic Materials and Applied Magnetics Laboratory homepage.

Image for Prof. Carl Patton's research


Ultrasonic Spectroscopy Prof. Robert G. Leisure
Ultrasonic techniques are used to study a wide range of problems in condensed matter physics and materials science. Ultrasonic Spectroscopy