Colloquia Spring 2023

Colloquia will be on Mondays from 4:00pm-5:00pm. If you would like to receive emails about upcoming physics colloquia, please contact Christie Chapman at

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/16/2023 N/A No Colloquium Closed – MLK Day
1/23/2023 Professor Alan Van Orden Colorado State University “Time-resolved super-resolution microscopy to image photoluminescence lifetimes and energy transport in semiconductor nanoparticles”
1/30/2023 Professor Ethan Neil University of Colorado, Boulder “The muon’s magnetic puzzle”
2/6/2023 Hang Chi Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Novel Magnetic Interfaces for New Paradigm of Memory and Logic ”
2/9/2023 Shan Wu Lawrence Berkeley National Lab “Magnetic switching resistance materials”
2/13/2023 Yulia Maxemenko National Institute of Standards and Technology  “Flatland quantum simulation and visualization with atomic resolution ”
2/16/2023 Alfred Zong UC Berkeley “Pathways toward unconventional light-induced states in quantum materials ”
2/20/2023 Scott Parker University of Colorado, Boulder “Fusion Energy: Recent Developments and Physical Constraints”
2/27/2023 Ping Liu UT Arlington “Magnetic Hardening in Low-Dimensional Ferromagnets”
3/06/2023 June Medford Colorado State University “Enabling Pathways Toward Sustainable Life on Earth with Synthetic Biology: Essential needs from Physics, Math, Engineering, and Biology”
3/13/2023 N/A No Colloquium Spring Break
3/20/2023 Ulrich Jentschura Missouri University of Sci & Tech “Quantum Electrodynamics: Jewel of Theoretical Physics”
3/27/2023 Duncan Ryan LANL
4/3/2023 Mark Siemens University of Denver
4/10/2023 Philip Philips UIUC
4/17/2023 Alan Tennant University Tennessee Knoxville
4/24/2023 Durga Paudyal
5/1/2023 Igor Pikovski

CMP Seminars 2022-2023

The Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) seminar series was made possible by an anonymous donation. Center for Advanced Magnetics Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence sponsored seminars are listed below in italic font.

Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Title
September 1, 2022 1pm-2pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Adonai Rodrigues Da Cruz University of Iowa Dissipationless Circulating Currents and Fringe Magnetic Fields
Near a Single Spin Embedded in 2DEG
September 6, 2022 11am-12pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Tiffany S. Santos Western Digital Corporation Spins, Bits, and Flips: Essentials for High-Density Magnetic Random-Access Memory
October 6, 2022 3pm-4pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Jingsheng Chen National University of Singapore Symmetry Breaking by Materials Engineering for Spin-Orbit-Torque Technology
October 18, 2022 11am-12pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Michael E. Flatté University of Iowa Coherent Magnonics for Quantum Information Science
October 21, 2022 9am-10am Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Y. Ethan Wang University of California, Los Angeles Spin Dynamics – Compact Models and Ubiquitous RF Applications
October 28, 2022  9am-10am Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Chunhui Du University of California, San Diego Harnessing Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond for Next-Generation Quantum Science and Technology
November 7, 2022 11am-12pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 T.S. Suraj National University of Singapore Spectroscopic Studies of Chirality and Resonances in Multilayer Films
February 8, 2023 11am-12pm Physics Interaction Space Room #121 Jiamian Hu University of Wisconsin, Madison Ultrafast Ferroics: Mechanistic Insights and Heterostructure Design