Colloquia Fall 2019

Colloquia are presented every week on Mondays in Engineering 120 (Hammond Auditorium) from 4:00pm-5:00pm

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/9 Mingzhong Wu Colorado State University Topological Insulator/Magnetic Insulator Heterostructures
9/16 Dylan Yost Colorado State University Precision Spectroscopy of Simple Atoms
9/23 Eva Kostadinova Baylor University Alice in the Mesoscopic Wonderland
9/30 Lincoln Carr Colorado School of Mines How the Quantum Craze is Changing the World
10/7 Jennifer Hoffman University of Denver Metamorphosis: New Views of Supernova Explosions and Progenitors
10/14 Daniel Snowden-lfft Occidental College Beam-Dump Dark Matter Search Utilizing a Low-Threshold, Directional Dark Matter Detector (BDX-DRIFT) at Jefferson Lab
10/21 Wolfgang Bangerth Colorado State University Complex simulations: From numerical mathematics via software to applications
10/28 Chris Chiaverina New Trier High School/The Physics Teacher (AAPT) Physics for the Many
11/4 Taritree Wonjirad Tufts University The MiniBooNE Anomaly: a Neutrino Unsolved Mystery
11/11 Wolfgang Bangerth (Re-Scheduled) Colorado State University Complex simulations: From numerical mathematics via software to applications
Next Semester      Dmitri Denisov (Re-Scheduled) Brookhaven Natl. Lab Top quark – From the Discovery to a Tool for Discoveries
11/18 Jim Sites Colorado State University High-Efficiency Thin-Film CdTe Solar Cells
12/2 Jorge Rocca Colorado State University Highly Relativistic Laser-Matter Interactions
Next Semester Dennis Perepelitsa (Re-Scheduled) University of Colorado Boulder Exploring the Hottest Matter in the Universe
12/9 Keith Ulmer University of Colorado Boulder Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC

CMP Seminars 2019-’20

The Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) seminar series generally hosts speakers on Tuesdays at 11:00 am and was made possible by an anonymous donation. Center for Advanced Magnetics Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence sponsored seminars are listed below in italic font.

Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Title
9/24 11:00 am ENGRG 121 Denis Candido University of Iowa Blurring the boundaries between topological and non-topological phenomena in dots
10/8 11:00 am LSC 310 Kristen Buchanan Colorado State University Imaging Spins in Motion
10/10 11:00 am ENGRG 126 Vivek Amin NIST at Gaithersburg, MD Anatomy of Spin-Orbit Torque
12/10 11:00 am LSC 324 Kai Liu Georgetown University
2/25 11:00 am Satoru Nakatsuji
3/10 11:00 am Andrei Bernevig
3/31 11:00 am Brad Ramshaw
4/21 11:00 am Stephanie Simmons
4/28 11:00 am Qian Niu
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