Each year, Colorado State University celebrates the teaching, research and service achievements of CSU students, alumni and friends, academic faculty, administrative professionals and classified staff. Professor Mark Bradley won the individual Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award given by the VPR’s office. This competitive award recognizes either a faculty member or research team whose interdisciplinary scholarship has had a major impact nationally and/or internationally, or who have demonstrated their potential to do so. Bradley was honored at the 2018 Celebrate! Colorado State Awards on April 11. Congratulations Mark!

Bradley’s research is on the theory of the nanoscale patterns that form spontaneously when a solid surface is bombarded with a broad ion beam. These patterns are not just of academic interest: in the future, ion bombardment many prove to be a key fabrication tool in the burgeoning field of nanotechnology. In Bradley’s research, physical modeling and sophisticated mathematical methods are brought to bear on a topic of interest to the engineering community. During the five-year period of 2013 to 17, Bradley gave 19 invited conference presentations and was author or co-author of 23 publications in peer-reviewed, archival journals. He was and continues to be involved in collaborations with peers in the U.S., India, Germany and Austria. Bradley was also appointed as a joint faculty member of the Department of Mathematics at CSU and as an editor for the topic nanophysics by the journal Open Physics.


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