Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Shih-Kai Lin was awarded the 2018 NOvA Core Service award for his work on the NOvA collaboration. The NOvA experiment is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment centered at Fermilab, near Chicago. The NOvA collaboration is comprised of more than 200 physicists (faculty, postdocs, and students). The NOvA Core Service Award is given annually to an individual that has made significant contribution toward the NOvA experiment. Notably, a committee of early career collaborators selects the award recipient.

Dr. Lin is a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Norm Buchanan’s group and is located at Fermilab. Dr. Lin contributed to a number of NOvA efforts, including co-leading the NOvA data-driven trigger group with Buchanan, serving a a NOvA run coordinator, a very significant undertaking with great responsibility, serving as a data-acquisition expert, and taking part in the analysis of NOvA data collected over the past several years. Dr. Lin also takes an active role in working with and mentoring students in Buchanan’s group that are also resident at Fermilab.

Dr. Lin at Fermilab with the trophy that comes with the award – a core sample taken during the construction of the NOvA far detector.

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