Women in Physics

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Women in Physics is an undergraduate student group at CSU that works to encourage more women to get involved in physics. You don’t have to be a woman to be involved, you just have to support women in the sciences. Contact us at the email below if you would like to get involved!

Meeting Time: Thursdays at 4pm; First meeting of fall 2017 will be on Thursday, September 7th at 4 pm

Location Engineering, WiP Room E115/E116

Contact Info: physics_womencsu@mail.colostate.edu

Find us on Facebook:  CSU- Women in Physics

President: Aurora Popescu

Other Officers for 2017-2018: Xavier Peterson (vice president), Julie Abernathy (chief financial officer), and Muadh Nadabi (SPS liaison)

Past Presidents: Jordyn Becker, Joyce Squillante, Karen Ford, Valerie Jacobson, Olivia Hanna

Co-founders: Valerie Jacobson and Olivia Hanna

If you have any questions, email above

Join WIP and become involved in some or all of our activities


  • 10 members
  • CO Science Fair Award creation


  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Children’s Hospital


  • Tours of NIST
  • Hosting various speakers
  • Movie nights
  • Art walks
  • Science trivia nights


  • Attend CUWIP conferences each year
  • Attended the Solar Power International


  • Weekly study group