Affiliate Faculty


Affiliate faculty are faculty members who either are self-employed or are full-time employees of an organization other than CSU. Affiliates play an important role in research efforts in the department. They serve on M.S. and Ph.D. advisory committees of our graduate students, and provide advice and resources. Affiliate faculty members are nominated for that position by a regular faculty member with whom they collaborate.





Associated Faculty

Robert Camley University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado Mingzhong Wu
Lincoln Carr Colorado School of Mines Golden, Colorado Mingzhong Wu
Zbigniew Celinski University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Mingzhong Wu
Pavel Kabos National Institute of  Standards & Technology Boulder, Colorado Mingzhong Wu
Boris Kalinikos St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University St. Petersburg, Russia Mingzhong Wu
Michael Morrison


University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Jacob Roberts
Andrew Norman Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL Norm Buchanan
Marko Topic University of Ljubljana Slovenia Jim Sites